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Hi everyone I am in need of some serious advice.  I live in the United States.  If anyone has had any very large hospital bills and rehabilitation and unable to pay with zero insurance please read this.  First I want to say the surgery went great and the hand is fine, all things considered.

My mother is very poor with no insurance and self employed.  She can hardly make her mortgage.   She had a terrible accident and cut her hand (pretty much) off.  She almost died.  She is a world champion martial arts instructor and had a freak accident with a live blade.  She had to have a major surgery and will have to learn to reuse her hand.  This may take up to a year.  She has zero money to her name.  She is still in the hospital right now and we are trying to keep her there as long as possible because once they let her out there will be no more help because of her financial situation.

If anyone has been in this position or has dealt with this before can anyone lend some advice or some free/government services we can go to.  The people at the hospital are great and are going to try to help us out with some financial advisers if they can but right now we are still waiting to find out what to do.

Basically she is going to have huge ER/hospital/rehab/prescription bills for most likely hundreds of thousands of dollars and she has no way of paying it.  We don't know what to do.

Much love,


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my prayers, light and healing for your mother, dear ian.

i can't give you advice on the finances. i pray that your mother will get financial help too.



My prayers for your mother, Ian. Many blessings to her.

I'm no financial adviser, but there is one thing I will say. Dont put so much energy in worrying about the finances at this current moment. She needs to focus on healing right now. The hospital will work something out, they are just being pushy. Im sure they know her situation and I feel like they are jack asses for pressuring her about finances right now.

Every year hospitals allocate a certain amount of money to help those in situations like your mother. She needs to talk with someone in the financial office and explain her situation. I was in a similar situation myself. That is how I found out this information. Make sure she does this ASAP.

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