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Hey everyone I just wanted to let you guys know of a very interesting thread going on at GLP. 

Anyone that frequents might know of the stupid "ask me a question" threads that people make on there. Well another one popped up at the end of November and I never clicked on it until two days ago I noticed it was getting a lot of attention, it's titled "I know EVERY secret hidden on this planet. Ask me a question.". It is started by the user InnerVoice222 and I'm about 50 pages in out of the 165+ pages in the thread now and I'm only mostly paying attention to InnerVoice222's posts as it's already taken a while to read through it, but I find it is very much worth the look, very interesting if you read along.

Here it is,

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Can you put some of that stuff of information on here, because I am banned from GLP ^L^

Thank You in advance

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