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On behalf of the administartion TEAM once again welcome to SOE. This section aims to inform you to the best of our abilities about SOE. You will be offered advice, suggestions and indications. All members are deemend to have read the following information.

We wish to indicate and make clear that all members are personally interpreting SOE content, this does not mean that any members interpretation is unquestionable or absolutely right in any cases for much can be lost in the interpretation.

That is why we suggests that you question everything, trust no information shared in any form or manner, not to believe anything, but to question, explore, doubt and discover, to look carefully at everything, and to discern carefully what appears to be, yet make up your mind about nothing, but continue to search and to remain open to discovery, to remain in a state of "I don't know; for in that state, you cannot be closed to further learning, and you will remain open to discovery without pre-judging anything. Here all content merely indicates and suggests.

- On behalf of all the SOE Psychic's and Mediums we Declare that their Services are For entertainment purposes Only!!!

- The NING Terms Of Service govern all members at SOE:

In addition the following rules are enforced
1. If a member believes that any member at SOE is or was involved in illegal or criminal activities or in breach of NING TOS they should contact the appropiate authorities and take it from there, this may be done with or without admin mediation or knowledge.

2. The agreement you signed up to when you joined the site (we only enforce this rule on rare occasions)

3. Posts which include payment or donation requests  for services rendered (or contain a URL for such services) are only allowed in the GROUP (SERVICES REUQIRING PAYMENT)

If you have any questions regarding the above then please don't hesitate to contact an administrator, they can be found by clicking on the Members TAB. The administrators are the featured members at the top of that page.

Please post content in the following manner

- Select the forum TAB, give your post a title, enter the content and click on the pulldown arrow to select the correct category. If you cannot find a corresponding category to fit the description of your content then post it in *** cant find a category ***

- Content can also be posted in the groups section, first sign up to a group which appeals to you and fits your content, then make a post in the group.

- Please limit the content of a BLOG post to that of current affairs and/or your personal interactive awakening/ ascension experience.

- Please do a quick search on posted video's to avoid doubble postings, once we hit a certain data limit NING will start charging, i wish to keep the costs for this site to the $220+ it costs now, that way I dont't have to ask for donations or enforce any other fee's. If we hit the data limit then we have to delete content or start charging, lets prevent this from happening.

To continue your journey please visit the A-Z index;
or any of the groups, forums and blogs which can be found in the TAB section at the top of your page.

If you have any suggestions regarding SOE then please open a discussion here:

If you would like to address an admin directly then leave a post for us here or contact one directly as instructed earlier.

If you really want to shape SoE then start a discussion here:

Enjoy your stay at SOE.

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