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It seems that we (as a group of people) are increasingly becoming more and more cult-like. I really do not want that to happen... And I just want all of you to know how I'm feeling.

I'm just as excited about this whole ascension thing as all of you are. For as long as I could remember, I could remember this evil that envelopes our world right now. And this hope of escaping that envelope is really uplifting and all. But that's just hope, and hope is sometimes created by our egos to shield ourselves from the truth. We need to be flexible and we shouldn't put all our faith in the FoL and 2012 and all that jazz. Not saying nothing will happen on 2012, I'm using that as an example x] Cause I personally think something will happen. ANYWAY. Let's keep our minds open. We need to work with what we're giving, and at the moment all we have is this twisted and dark reality. But no worries, it doesn't have to be terrible, no?

Back to the idea of us becoming more cult like, cause that is one of the main ideas. We need to avoid scheming... And I hate to point fingers but I'm saying this to the people who want to release the solfeggio frequencies out to the world. Bad idea... It may be for the better of the world (The people who thought of communism probably thought it would be for the better of the world, hey everyone gets food and has a job!), but its against people's will. And we need to respect their will, because if we didn't we would only be contributing to the darkness in the world. We need to avoid hypocrisy. This is VITALLY IMPORTANT. We absolutely CANNOT allow ourselves to do anything that we stand against. And not just with scheming, but in our daily lives as well which is an obvious thing but still easier said then done.

And I also need to say something about the Federation of Light. Now right now I'm assuming they exist. I'm saying this because I really don't know if they exist. In fact, I don't know anything at all. But the greatest wisdom one can achieve is knowing they don't know a damn thing, so it all evens out (I just quoted Socrates btw. Yay greek people) Now many of you might not agree, but this is something that I find deeply true for me. It resonates within me completely. In fact it is based on this principle that I practically worship. It's the idea of zen, yin yang, that stuff. I do not believe that the FoL is of true light. I believe that they have a hidden agenda, and I think that this is an important possibility for all of you to realize. They may have some good intentions, but absolutely nothing can be of pure light. Because without darkness, there is no light. Without light there is no darkness. These two seemingly polar opposites are not independent of each other, but rather dependent. Every single one of us is evil to some extent, but we are also good. And in order for us to achieve happiness, there must be suffering. Cause if there is constant happiness, then how would you know what happiness is if you had nothing to contrast it with.

And these ideas have lead me to believe that the FoL is not being fully truthful. Not to mention their use of manipulative language and how they address to us in a way that seems condescending. And how they give us these promises of eternal light and love. I'm not trying to discourage anyone, but I'm begging for all of you to not put all your faith into something that you are unfamiliar with. Sure, they fill you with light and love and tell you that they are good, but they could easily be doing that for the purpose of you BELIEVING they are of light. I am not saying we should fear them, because like they said (This is something they said that I actually agreed with) "fear is an illusion". But we should be the slightest bit wary with them. And I could be wrong! I hope I'm wrong. But after observing similar fake promises and manipulative language all my life, I really don't feel like I'm wrong.

Oh well. Hah, but we'll find out, no? Who knows...

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I didn't say we are a cult. You misunderstood what I said.

I said we need to avoid that route. Because I feel that we are getting closer to that level. And yes I know this will offend people. But that is the nature of the truth. It can be offending, sometimes extremely painful. That's why our society in general is a lying society, which isn't necessarily a horrible thing. It keeps some people from getting hurt. But sometimes there are those who seek beyond that..

And I understand that everyone here has good intentions. I do too :) I send my love right back at ya.
john jones said:
you know what dear!!! i dont think we are cult like and i think that is going to offend people!!!
we are all beings of love
i will continue sending my love to everyone here and everyone and everthing in the world....
Here at saviors, no Doctrine ,no Dogma,No Demands,no orginazational constructs or structure,ergo NO Cult.Namaste.
Now MySpace,that's a cult!LOL.
Hi Sara,
I guess the term cult is open to interpretation but the people who are attracted to this type forum come here because our ideas are like-minded and we can openly discuss our beliefs, experiences and expectations for this world without fear of being ridiculed; for the most part.

Cult behavior tends to "demand" the group act in uniform manner and usually follow the teachings or commands of one leader or individual. I am not aware that any of us are using any unusual means to convey our messages. The overall intent is to spread hope, light and love. We're exchanging ideas and providing numerous sources of information available on other web sites or reliable media outlets.

I do tend to agree that forcing the frequencies on an unsuspecting population should not be our decision to make. We can guide people to listen for themselves but regardless of how much we feel this will benefit people worldwide, we should not make these choices for people; let them decide on their own.

As far as the Federation of Light, many people on this site do not seem to understand that Blossom Goodchild has NEVER said that the Galactic Federation and the FOL are one in the same. Their messages are different in many respects. Yes, since I don't think any of us know any memebers of these groups personally, we should always proceed with caution in listening to their messages and deciding for ourselves if the resonate with the TRUTH that we feel in our hearts.

Let's continue to focus in listening with an open, loving mind and spreading the light.

Dear Sara.

Dear All.

If you are reading this thread, chances are you are indeed as worried as I am about how we are perceived by the 'outside world'. What our families and friends think of us, what complete strangers see or think as they come across this for the first time... all that is for all of us, to a lesser or greater extent, important.

First of all, while I do agree with Sara that we need to be careful on how we respond to the challenges facing us, the fact remains that only inaction would keep us entirely off the radar. Inaction is not an option. But neither is Passion an option, as I have remarked in the discussion over the Solfeggio Frequency broadcast. My opinions on this matter are abundantly clear and well recorded in that discussion, and need not detain us further.

We are a group of people who are, by definition, peaceful. If you feel you must overturn the current situation by force in whatever form, then I suggest you meditate, find your inner peace, and let your wisdom guide you from there. By definition, we are a group of people who do not have a centralized hierarchy or gurus. Much as we look up to people like Brad and Blossom, they are not at all (my apologies Brad) gurus. Yes, they have information and they inform us quite eloquently of their truths, but eventually it is up to each and every one of us to distill that which we choose to carry on and spread. There is no force to compel us to believe as any other does.

By definition, we are a group of people. Reflect for a moment on how this statement affects you. By definition, we are a group of people. We are not a hive mind. We are not the be all and end all of solutions. We are not the superhuman collective of torchbearers that will singlehandedly see this song out and weather every storm thrown our way. We are people. People who have woken up, and realized a great many things about the reality we find ourselves in, but still people.

What we aim to do is bring the light to other people. Not forcefully. Not through preaching or sermons, but through insight and conversation. What we are trying to do is /not/ to make this Earth ascend as soon as possible, but spreading the message that Earth is ascending, and inviting others to realize this too. In Christian analogy, we are all Noah, and we go and tell the village that there will be a drastic change. Yes, we will be laughed at and ridiculed, yes there will be dissent 'in the ranks' as it were, but in the end our goal is not a goal. Our goal is a journey, and one we undertake gladly.

I am Ullan, born under a different name and adopted under yet another, but I have always been and always will be Ullan. My aim is only to walk my path, and invite others along, so that we may share in the company of a road that is otherwise a solitary one.

For the wandering, I will be the Navigator, the beacon.

I am.

Thank you for all your replies. I do feel a tad bit better, and we can all establish that we are not a cult. And let's do our best to keep it that way.

But the problem is I can feel a lot of ego still with some people on this website. I don't want to say who or how or anything. I feel really bad about it, cause I feel like I shouldn't be thinking that but I just do. And I'm not saying I'm a saint either. Cause my ego is there as well. But again, I see all this ego and it disturbs me. And I guess that's why it reminds me of a cult.

To Harriter88
And myspace is actually a home of cults, rather than a cult itself. I would consider facebook more of a cult xD
Experimentation has shown that broadcasting selfeggio frequencies throug a scalar antenna does not affect anyone who is unaware of its operation. Well humans that is. More experimentation is needed for plants and animals. Selfeggio frequencies are not a priority for this character. Only wish is for all to realize the Peace, Stillness and Love that is ever Present.

In service to All That Is. Love,
spread the message that Earth is ascending, and invite others to realize this too.

Thanks Ullan this really resonates with me
this is exactly what i was thinking and do you get a menacing vibration from the st. germain channel keenya's videos? i have two yin yang tattoos one black one orange,on my heart and oppisite it,LISTEN TO GEORGE KAVASILLAS 2008 TALK,THERE IS A FAKE VERSION OF ASCENCION PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad you are being rational about this. Many of the answers provided here to lend themselves to the cult mindset. I share your questions. I share your distrust in the GFoL. Something is not right. Something feels very wrong with what they are saying now. They knew they would not come here Oct 14th yet used Blossom as a tool to send the message. They now choose to talk from their thrones and look down upon us. They refuse to open up to us and be questioned. They choose to make us believe that there is no one truth. These word games are only effective to those that have no mind to question.
Tony, research the origins of some well known cults. It's a possibility, do not close your mind.

Tony said:
This network consists of 383 members.

The word "cult" suggests to me that a group of people are perceived to engage in excessive member control or exploitation.

Indications are that a few members believe this to be the case for (S)aviour (O)f (E)arth, yet the featured members (admin & creator status) have to my knowledge, undertaken no actions of cencorship. To my knowledge we do not excercise member control. To date one person has been banned (6 times), for entering the chat room and spewing line after line of profanity at everything and everyone. After being spoken to he apologised and stated not to act in such a manner again. But alas he was banned whilst the talk was taking place. If he returns and behaves in a civilised manner he will be welcome.

Individual actions suggested by members are nothing more than that, suggestions. Each in their own heart will examine the suggestion and act accordingly.

We are certainly not a cult (as defined above), rather going by the posts the majority are in search of who they really are?, how they can express more love? and be of more help to others?.
Yes, using YOUR definition. You can redefine words to mean what YOU want so thing meet or do not meet the criteria. It does not change the reality.

Tony said:
H.R. Pufnstuf said:
Tony, research the origins of some well known cults. It's a possibility, do not close your mind.

HR, read what i siad!! I said that "The word "cult" suggests to me that a group of people are perceived to engage in excessive member control or exploitation." We are not a cult as defined above. We do not engage in excessive member control or exploitation. Don't open your mind so far that your brain falls out ;-) There are many defintions of cult, thats why i gave mine to make the discussion to the point.

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