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Hey Everyone!

I went to Wiltshire this weekend for Summer Solstice at Stonehenge! We also visited a couple of crop circles! Ive got a few pics i would like to share with you :)

What an amazing night it was! 30000people and just the most amazing buzzing vibrant vibe. everyone was having a great time. It was a clear night at first, the stars were out and was very cold.
But the cold passed and we just partied down!
I swear when i first stepped into the Stone circle, i felt my heart rate increase, and soon became light headed! after this i was fine tho but what a rush!
Inside the stones was a bit mad, shoulder to shoulder, warm and buzzing. people with drums supplied our beat :)
Morning seem to come all too soon. unfortunately, it was cloudy at sun rise, but around half 5 the clouds dissipated and we had a glorious hot morning.
The stones were great, the people were great, and i cant wait to go back!

After being kicked out from the stones at 8, we head to the car park to chill for a bit and to plan our trip to the circles! I found out were they were on cropcircleconnector, and it turned out that the fish are literally 15mins directly down the road from the henge, so finding it was easyer than we thort!
When i first stepped into the fist, i felt my heart rate increase, it was quite a sensation, but i was too very excited! its a huge formation, really, and on a beutiful hill side with the most amazing view out. we chilled here for over an hour and also had a little kip and we spun some poi :)
Finally we decided to find the other circle, the phoenix :)
It turns out that the field that it is in is right next to a small air strip where they take u up in a microlight so you can view the amazing county side, but really see the circles too! it was only £40 to go with them for 20mins, i would really have love to have done this but im just too skint! I think its these people here that i met that take most the photographs that get sent to
The phonix was hard to find! it was a bloody big field! any way we did find it and again it was nice. i didnt feel the connection to it tho as i did the fish. When we arrived i was surprised to see someone randomly sleeping there! A few other people also came to visit wile we there, quite an attraction i guess :) They had a little dog with them too, and weirdly, it wasn't keen on the circle!
I found out that the dragon fly circle is right next to he phoinx in this same field, but from the ground, we just couldn't find it! What we did see was another smaller cirlce of ojn the hillside in the distance. this was a much smaller and simpler circle.

All in all it has been a great trip, a tiring one, but amazing! I cant wait to go back cos whiltshire still has so much to see! i want to go to avebury henge, which is another stone henge, the sones are smaller than those at Stonehenge but less weathered, and described as more magical and of more powerful energy. I also want to visit the white horse, and there always seems to be circles by the horse :) On one of the hill tops we say a stone obelisk! a proper huge obelisk! I think i looked bigger than the Stonehenge stones! would love to see it up close!

So still plenty more to do next year when we next go back again!
I would recommend to everyone, if you get the chance to visit Whiltshire, GO!!

Happy Solstice everybody!!

Namaste :D

Fish eye ;)


The Phoenix

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Thank you for sharing. It sounds like a great trip, and the pictures are wonderful.
magical journey, thanks for sharing
Wicked!! I went to Stonehenge on 2007's Summer Solstice. It is a wonderful energy!!
I also want to go to Avebury sometime.
Happy Summer!
Hey Bishop sounds like you had a great time ;o) wish i was there sounded really great!!! I have been to Stonehenge twice this year and i had the same sensations as you my heart rate was racing when i was near the stones and also i could feel heat on my face and hands when i was near them :)
I would like to go to Avebury too, have you heard about the global meditation on July the 31st? I am looking at travelling to Avebury with friends on this day to give healing to mother Earth.

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