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All is that is verry good to find our path or spirituality assension eating the right food etc.. but one thing i am sick of it is when i heard or read these things about eating healthy! i dont make a big salary i am not rich soo! i buye the less expensive food! organic food is goddamn expensive around here so i dont have time to waste about this vegan diet but i gotta eat something ! no i am not a junk foo addtic but i eat them sometimes but really rarely. i do my best with the salary i have coz i have to live on this planet! its hard to be human sometimes when vall you have see in your life to fit in this world chain you like a sheep with materials or other entertainment! i dont have money to buye any junk material things! i am verry simple person an i am not a materialistic person i never was, i just do the best i can with the money i have ..

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i think a lot of us are in the same position do what i do dont worry about it!!! know i still have a big steak from time to time now and then ill have a bag of chips and i certainly dont go out and buy all organic.....and you know what?.....i can still meditate and reach a state of total bliss!...i still treat everyone i meet as equals and i never never never worry about the future of myself or mankind for that matter.....i just live in the now, dont dwell on the past, and i embrace and look forward to every change comming at fact i LOVE CHANGE!!!!.....good or bad its all about the experience!!!.....oh and i still watch tv....people talk about deprogramming from what we know...well its also possible to program yourself!!!!.....i can watch the most horrific thing on CNN and be completly somewhere else im well aware of whats going on but i can choose to feel a certain other way rather then letting it rule my feelings.....and of course people will say well your just desensitizing yourself but isnt that exactly what not watching tv really is???.....i like to be aware of everything and i choose weater or not to empower cheers brother!!! i feel your a good person so dont worry about what anyone else says or does they have thier own path and tools.....:).....Solfeggio
hey martin, i know how you feel. it is so frustrating to be bogged down with our current everyday existence. I truly believe that if not by the end of this year, by 2014 at latest we will have a truly free existence. So i guess we must be as comfortable as we can be until then, as hard as that may seem to be. Also, believe with intent what would be best for you now, give passion and emotion to what that would be as you intend it to manifest. You have the power :)

I find it soooo frustrating just to think how hard basic existence is for so many billions of people, cos i know those people got it way harder than us. i cant comprehend their reaction to this coming freedom, and food!
relax man. have some ice cream, that usually puts me in a state of bliss in 10 seconds flat
Hah thanks for these great advice you guyes rule! i am more than happy to know there is peoples like me on this wonderfull planet! i just love this life more and more each day. there almost no more things that bother me anymore aside from a few things but are all human and what that dont kill us make just stronger.. love and light you all..
Hi Martin,

Just finished an ok day at work, Its cold and we may have more snow tonight. My heating is broken and my water heater packed in as well. I'm having a glass of red wine and I toasted you. May all you wish for yourself be realised and no worries about the organic stuff - as Reb says have an ice cream - chill out. Thats what I'm doing

much love


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