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Hello everyone ... Its 1:31 am in India .. I am currently in Bangalore from the last few days ... This place is somewhat pollution free, as compared to New Delhi .... a couple of hours back, I was sitting in a park near my friends place, telling him all sorts of weird stuff about the illuminati, Haarp, 2012 and what not. While talking to him, I was glancing at the moon from time to time .... It had a goldenish yellow colour and was a bit hazy with a couple of clouds near it ... Suddenly, while i was trying to analyze the moon, i saw a yellowish light emerge from the clouds which were near the moon ... It reminded me of a shooting star but i have seen that a couple of times and this one felt different ... though it was there only for a second or so .... at the same time, i felt a big rush inside me .. could this be a UFO and maybe they were trying to do something ?? i don't know what to make of it ... please, everyone, i would be happy to hear your comments on this .. and no, it wasn't a firecracker :)
something i wonder about the moon these days .... it isn't getting bigger than it was when it came back.. what do u guys think .. ??

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Thank you Queen B :) .... Love and light to you too .. take care ..
Queen B said:
Your conciousness is expanding rapidly and with it your perception. You are doing great! I think that being excited about it is normal and to be expected. Congratulations! Set an intention and I bet it will manifest very quickly...
Love and Light to you!
You are right ... after whatever happened with me, i feel really different .. Maybe this'll change the way I look at things .. I m hoping for the best .... :)

Nightfable said:
That's so wonderful for you, friend! I wish I could witness something similar. I think that people will see more and more strange phenomena as we approach 2012 and becoming aware is but the first step to take toward our beautiful future.
lots of love to u too simone .. yes u are right .. it sure looks like a way of bringing two people from different parts of the universe together .... let us embrace this moment and hope for exciting things ahead .. :) ...
peace, love and light ..
... Abhimanyu .

Simone said:
No, not really a 'rush' for me, but yes just excitement and happiness, for me it was very serene, like the universe was smiling upon me and the kids for looking at the moon. I definitely take these kinds of things as little 'signs' even if they may be 'natural' occurrances... just because when I think of the New Earth, or love, or ascension... these kinds of things happen... I see rainbows or a dragonfly flies by or butterfly flutters by or whatever. It's also pretty cool that we both saw something similar... maybe a way of bringing two people from opposite sides of the globe together to confirm each other's experiences!
Lots of love to you!

Abhimanyu Kashyap said:
Simone .. thank you .. it seemed exactly as how u mentioned it .. And, did you feel something inside you .. ?? like a deep rush .. thoughts coming in and going out of your mind at a rate much higher than normal .. ??
Check these out guys!

Circle F UFO

weird light objects by the moon

UFO observed on the Moon by Italian Astronomers

This was removed from shortly after appearing on davidicke headlines page. This video is been suppressed. Use UnPlug to save this video to your pc, copy it upload it, share!
During routine observations of the cosmos, Italian astronomers have recently spotted and tracked on video an Unidentified Flying Object or UFO

thanks ravi .. peace .. :)

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