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Hello everyone ... Its 1:31 am in India .. I am currently in Bangalore from the last few days ... This place is somewhat pollution free, as compared to New Delhi .... a couple of hours back, I was sitting in a park near my friends place, telling him all sorts of weird stuff about the illuminati, Haarp, 2012 and what not. While talking to him, I was glancing at the moon from time to time .... It had a goldenish yellow colour and was a bit hazy with a couple of clouds near it ... Suddenly, while i was trying to analyze the moon, i saw a yellowish light emerge from the clouds which were near the moon ... It reminded me of a shooting star but i have seen that a couple of times and this one felt different ... though it was there only for a second or so .... at the same time, i felt a big rush inside me .. could this be a UFO and maybe they were trying to do something ?? i don't know what to make of it ... please, everyone, i would be happy to hear your comments on this .. and no, it wasn't a firecracker :)
something i wonder about the moon these days .... it isn't getting bigger than it was when it came back.. what do u guys think .. ??

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when i felt that rush, for two to three seconds, my thoughts began to rush rapidly and suddenly after that time everything around me was in slow motion for a second or two ... the same effect which happens after smoking a lot of pot .... And I have left weed for a good 5 months now .... and it couldn't be a hallucination after so long ..... pardon me for getting excited so much .. sry abt that .... but i can't help it .... please guys do help ...
what?! never be sorry for being excited! com'on! I say that because i do it all the time.. anyway, i don't know what to make of it. my personal pet-theory is that there are Beings trying to get us to look at the moon.... to observe it's new characteristics. this is my reasoning: think what would happen if everyone on Earth realized the moon looked completely different all of a sudden... it would be a monumental shock and could not be ignored/spun by the mass media...also, it definitely was a UFO because we're here talking about what it could have been (it's unidentified).
that's my view, maybe it helps...maybe not.
thank you arash ... :) ... but i m still confused .. maybe because its the first time anything like that happened with me ... i know i won't be able to sleep tonight ... and omg .. u won't believe it ... i looked at the clock now and the time is 03:03 am ... u guys can verify .. i m +5:30 from GMT ... i m seeing double digit times from the past many weeks at least around 5 times a day .. but that maybe happening with everyone these days ...
well you're definately creating a fun reality arent you? it probably wasnt a meteor so its probably whatever you feel like it most was, a ufo. they seem to be appearing more now arent they? or maybe we're all just looking a little harder. keep focusing on it and maybe it'll come back again! (btw, be sure to keep a camera with u so if it does come back u can take pictures and post em on here!)
Hmm, sounds really interesting. Maybe you should start carrying a camera with you? :)
Your conciousness is expanding rapidly and with it your perception. You are doing great! I think that being excited about it is normal and to be expected. Congratulations! Set an intention and I bet it will manifest very quickly...
Love and Light to you!
That's so wonderful for you, friend! I wish I could witness something similar. I think that people will see more and more strange phenomena as we approach 2012 and becoming aware is but the first step to take toward our beautiful future.
hey guys .. thank you all for your comments ... Jenny, I think what happened with you has happened with me now .. My wake up call, i think is now ... And the solfeggio frequencies are helping a lot ... thanx to Ravi raju and Brad ... Galaxytoast, yes I really regret not taking my camera with me ... and i couldn't see anything after that ... :-/
Simone .. thank you .. it seemed exactly as how u mentioned it .. And, did you feel something inside you .. ?? like a deep rush .. thoughts coming in and going out of your mind at a rate much higher than normal .. ??
I am fine now kerrie, thank you... I still can remember the exact same feeling that i had at that time ... yes, i have started reading the channelings and they are truly wonderful. I know nothing about chakras, but i have downloaded few books and now hope to start studying them soon :) ..

Kerrie said:
What concerns me is how are you? I send you love Abhimanyu Kashyap:) Feel the love that is FOL, read their channelings the energy in the channelings is beautiful,Let go of self doubt,self judgement we are like radars we tune into the collective consiousness choose the consiousness you wish to tune into, LOVE YOURSELF you are love.That is the truth all else is an illusion.Forget the illuminati,Haarp and know all is as it should be. I feel that the rush is light energy you will feel fear if you resist and tune into fear consiousness our small self will find it hard to accept that it is worthy.Expand your opinion of yourself know who you are, know you are worthy.Light energy is knowledge is wisdom Breathe The energy into your heart chakra this works for me I know how overwelming it feels but if you release the fear and unworthiness you will be able to resonate with the love energy.It is with grace and gratitude that we accept their assistence for the betterment of us and our Earth. And it is so.
Hi Pleiadian .. Yeah, I also wish I had one ... The big rush was positive most of the time, though, as i remember, at the very end, it started to get a bit stronger and move to the negative side ... But I don't know what to make of it .. who/what caused it ?? why did it happen with me .. ??

Pleiadian Agenda said:
Hey Abhi,

Wish you happened to catch it with a camera, that would have made it better for anyone here to make an analysis. I guess the biggest question to ask yourself is: how did it make you feel at the moment? You said you had a big rush inside of you; was it postive? Negative? Neutral?

All I can say is these days you gotta walk around with a digital camera, as you never know when an event is gonna take place!

Peace man :)

Yes HR .. I really regret that I didn't have one .. :-/

H.R. Pufnstuf said:
Hmm, sounds really interesting. Maybe you should start carrying a camera with you? :)

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