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Hello every one,
I wanted to ask members from he SoE's community to pray and meditate for one family member who just was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctors do not know how advanced the cancer is but I really need you guys help to send light and love so she can battle this situation. Her name is Selia and she is a very loving mother and person. As much as I think she does not deserve to be in this situation, thing happen for a reason and I am really heart broken along with all my family. I guess I don't know any were else to go for help but here and ask for help from very loving people.

thanks so much in advanced and may love and light be with you all, Alex

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Hi Alex, it must be very difficult, but try your best to think positively. Remember that thoughts have energy and the more positive we think the more positive is the energy towards the person, in this case. I will be sending positive healing energy to her.
Love and light to you.
thanks u guys for your prayers and support... I will keep praying and keep positive energy toward my aunt.

light and love to all
Cancer ..... where does it come from?
I would like that very question to be answered! I ask my angels spirits
(guides) of my life ...
I give you my energy and my love and I keep fighting for her ...
In Light and Love I will stay in Gratitude for this attention of Love
Dear Alex, may your beloved family member recieve all the divine healing energy and light necessary for a full recovery. Make it so.
Hugs of Love, Light and Peace. My wish, prayer and intention are for Selia to be healed and cured. Blessings to you Alex and your family.
I will put Seila in My prayers...Keep positive and if possible have Seila laught and be in situations where the energies are positive. tell her is good for now to stop watching tv shows or news that are of negative information, lots of raw and organic if possible or just local fresh veggies are good. Also look in to apricot seed I heard the cure cancer and I am not kidding the source was a good one.
Please keep us informed of her status.
In love and light from my heart.
Love and light to Selia.
Keep yourself positive as well as make her feel positive....
Visualize full recovery and don´t let yourself or her get caught up within the negative vibrations...

Ask and it is given, just let it in...
thanks guys.. I really cant do much for her since I live in CA and she is in UT, but i always send her my prayers and if I have a chance to call her, I do. I may plan a trip with my family to give her support and I'll let here know that she is not alone and that she has support from many people. Also ill let her know about the apricot seed. I hope for the best for my aunt and ill continue sending positive thoughts for her recovery ...

blessings to all
I will send Sella the positive energy that I guarantee I will do for Sella .I know as Simmy does that your thoughts send out energy and the type of energy I feel is mandatory is positive energy and that is what the light in me will send her

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