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I've been wanting to type this for quite some time, and in some efforts i have but to the wrong places. I'm currently 20 years old living in California and gradually over the past 2 years i have assimilated into this common knowledge of "awakening" As i am embarking on this journey I am doing my best to live in accordance to a life of unconditional love and respect for our world. although i have many questions that trouble my mind along the way, that i would greatly appreciate be answered.

I have been trying to effectively meditate for the past 4-6 weeks i would like to say. I usually try to do this most at night when i am trying to fall asleep. However, i have never fully achieved a level of neutrality in the mind nor have i achieved hard visualizations as most videos online guide me to do so. I feel as though a lot of times i still have a lot of chatter inside my head and sometimes can't focus or sometimes when a sensation happens i think to myself "Is this it? is something happening to me right now?". I've been using a lot of the Iso-tones and Solfeggio tones to possibly help activate parts of my body that may be keeping me dorment for any way whatsoever however no real noticeable result has occured.

My questions are these:

1. Does it matter if you are in the meditative sitting positions (with cross legs and upright body) or laying down on a bed to properly acheive full meditation?
2. Does smoking marijuana impair you're ability to properly meditate? ( I'm in college :P)
3. Are their any pre-liminary guidelines or exercises i should do prior to trying to meditate?
4. I had a dream once where i was swimming underwater and grabbed a fish by the tail and then swamp up a little more and grabbed a differed fish by the tail in the same way.... my brother suggested that this might mean that i am still holding onto the Age of Pisces (Two fishes) or Age of Materiality?

Unfortunately, i felt like i had so many other questions to ask but they just are not coming to mind. I really badly want to be able to attune myself spirituality and be able to learn from all the wondrous techniques that are out there but i sometimes feel cut off or not sufficiently prepared or ready for this yet. I want to be able to meditate regularly so that it is not hard for me to do so anymore. I don't know how to put this i guess but what im trying to say is im really trying hard to do my part out there but i still feel like im missing a lot of pieces to the puzzle. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

Love and Peace to All, from your friend, your brother, and your fellow human being


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ok number one, I wouldnt lay down and meditate because that promotes sleep, especially if you do it at night before bed.

number two, I have meditated high before and I don't believe it has the same effects as sober because the mind plays a big role in meditating and thus the mind should be pure in my opinion.

number three, not to my knowledge but if you haven't felt a real meditation, Im guessing your mind wanders rapidly like mine and its hard for you to have inner peace, the key to keeping your mind silent is to breath only through your nose and focus on that breathing. Everytime you find yourself thinking about something, focus straight back on the breathing and continue doing this for about 7-10 mins, or as long as it takes to get you to that meditative bliss, keep doing this everytime you meditate and I promise it will get easier. I had the same questions as you did a few months ago, and this was the answer i was given and its helped me A LOT

number four, unfortunately I dont know much about the Pisces and reading dreams, so someone else might have to answer that one

Good luck Bryan
Love and Light to you my friend
hey bryan, about your question regarding marijuana, i would like to share with you my personal view. i see it as a very sacred plant, here to provide for humans just like apples and rice. so, as long as you find a balance, between sobriety and being high, a balance that is completely unique to your being, i so no harm. but, as far as meditation goes, i don't think it will help, that's from my personal experience, give it a shot and see for yourself- experience is key, right?
on the topic of guidelines, i suggest finding a local zen/buddhist temple and attending a meditation service. that will show you what you are aiming for. when doing it at home, it's easier to stick to 15-30 min meditation sessions, you know, start gradually.
as far as the dream goes, you already know the answer, you might have to find it in yourself, but it's there. so read, think, talk, meditate, just be.

ps. visit my blog for some awesome vids:
just wanted to say thank you so much guys all the insight really does help. I'm gonna start working on all these tools as soon as possible. Two more questions if thats ok by anyone....

I've been reading a lot about the posture of meditation, sometimes i feel like I slouch a little does this not properly align my chakras? Also sometimes when i try to straighten my back in order to do this I feel uncomfortable.

Secondly, and this is actually something i wanted to include in the first messagge-- i play a bunch of video games with my friends particularly shooting games and action games online. Do these kind of virtual simulations stem a negative energy that is contrary to love. If i am aware that it is a game for solely entertainment value does this help or should the act of this be abolished totally to help me ascend?

Thanks again guys, i really do appreciate all the attention and help. Love and Peace to All

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