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Hello everyone!

I'd like to share a dream i had last night but first I'd like if someone can provide some information or an opinion about a question i have.

Before i sleep, i put an organite on the pillow between my head and the headboard of the bed. It stays there till i wake up. I don't do it always but when i do, my dreams are more vivid as if they are more real, they are strange and unusual, the colors are more enhanced and when i wake up i remember most part of the dream with details- both the feelings i experienced and the visual aspect of the dream. After i tested this a few times myself i do feel in my truth from the results that it is the organite that is helping me to experience such unusual and nice and strange dreams.

Does the organite have such 'influence' on our dreams? Did you ever try it?

Now i'm going to share briefly some of the important parts of my dream.

I, my brother and friends were watching the clouds from a distant view. We were expecting for some reason to see the clouds in a 2 dimensional view but in the dream they were 3 dimensional. For us it was very surprising...

On the edge of one big cloud triangular in shape, there was a very bright light. As i am explaining it i would say it was the sun (right now), but in the dream it was as if it was something spectacular.

As we were walking and moving closer to them we seen another big cloud that looked like a tunnel. Again, it was 3 dimensional (and it was a surprise to us- the clouds so to speak were unusual too in their form and shape) when i went closer to it and nearly under it i could see a hole that i felt it would take us to another level.

At that point a thought passed in my head. I didn't know what we were seeing was something to be excited about or fear. But i was very surprised by what i was seeing.

After that scene we went to college and after college we started to run. I have no idea if we were running to escape from something or running to be on time for an event? But as we were running all i know is that it was so so windy and I hadn't any fear...

That's all.

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cool stuff
I don't have a piece of orgonite to try that with, but it sounds very cool!
This dream can be different things, one is symbolic only, your mind trying to give you a message. The other is precognitive, telling you something about your future. Dreams can also be you running around in the astral, but you don't sound like you got that sense from this dream,and this one is full of symbols so sounds like #1 or #2 to me, so I'll just do some symbology in case you are interested:
This dream is mostly focused on what's going on in the sky, this represents your superconscious (think of that as your all knowing self, or your higher self). You have some clouds and those tend to block the light, so this kind of indicates a blockage here, but from behind a triangular cloud you are seeing the light from the sun and it is spectacular. This sunlight means "awareness". The triangle means "balance", you will have to figure out why a cloud which is blocking your view of this "awareness" would also be "balance". Only you can interpret this based on what's going on in your life and your mind. Your other cloud is a tunnel, and the meaning of a tunnel is exactly what you thought in the dream, its a means to get to another level, in this case, to your superconscious. College represents learning. Wind you can think of as turbulence in your life. Maybe your life is turbulent right now, but you are running to be on time for an event (on a board such as this one, that can easily be viewed as ascension symptoms and you wanting to get there in time for the ascension...but again, only you can interpret these symbols because only you know what you are thinking lately, so trust yourself.

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