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I felt inspired to send Blossom my love in an email tonight and she replied that she has just printed out this!

Well this is a bit out of the blue. I have just finished tea, and I felt a very strong pulsating in my third eye space and as if I was being called to come and contact you. So here I am. Tuning in just now I feel really aware that you are about and would like to say something.
Indeed dear one you are correct and we thank you for diverting your time in order for us to be with you. Simultaneously we have been calling many.

For the record 7.45pm. I feel pretty sparked out at the minute I have to say.

As are many of you that we are choosing to connect up with. We would desire to take you on a journey with your permission.

Yes, (although I did just check it out with White cloud and he nodded his head and then showed me having a seat belt strapped and locked around me). I for a bumpy ride perhaps … or may be just fast. I can’t work out though if you want me to remain at the computer to log all this down or whether you want me just to close my eyes and ‘go off’.

(I felt the need to lie down which I did … and here I am half an hour later. I have no recollection of anything that may or not have taken place ‘somewhere else’). I suppose you have said everything to me that you want to say , just that I don’t know it. Is that right?

There is more we could care to say in your human awareness, if we are not taking up to much of your earthly time?

Its evening … no disco’s planned tonight!!!!!

Sometimes when we have communicated with you in past days we have honoured the decision to remain in the back ground regarding certain subjects that may not have been correct to discuss at the time. But there is a particular matter that we would now wish to bring to the forefront if that is applicable?

You tell me! Your call obviously.

We have allowed for the fact and resonated with Truths of many on your ground force, that we compliment the desires of which are radiated out into our thought range. Many believe they do not reach us, but this is not so. In fact, where there is a thought that is radiated from/with Love, there is little doubt that we do not receive it /pick up on it. We have been made aware for a long time now ... that there are indeed many of you who feel it would be correct for us to apply the ‘all systems go button’. Is it not so Blossom that many letters to yourself have been indicating this .

Yes, but clearly you know that and much more I would imagine.

We have been deliberating with this in mind and have consequently decided that indeed a Light show is to appear.

My heart is racing now… not because you have said that … but because you have said that … I know what I mean! And that puts me in a great dilemma. And I thought you said you would not put me in that position again? I don’t even want to read this back right now! And I don’t have a big smile on my dial either to be honest. Did I need to know that? Couldn’t you have just left it as it was and done what you had to do on Friday.

Not exactly.

Why not?

Because there are certain matters that pertain to this event that are necessary to be disclosed.

And probably you are about to tell me. Sorry, I feel little ‘angry’ …( probably not the correct word), but I won’t think about that now …

That then would be due to our past discourse and you feeling we have not kept our word with you.

Best if you just carry on , we won’t go into all that right now and I don’t want to divert from the main issue.

Dearest Blossom, there has to come the time when ALL THAT WE ARE is brought to Light would you not agree?

You keep asking me these pretty obvious questions,… Is that me trying to avoid getting to the point? … now I’m asking these pretty obvious questions … could we please just move on …

It is our wish to retrieve for you the Truth of the soul self and we feel that this can be done in a more succinct manner if it was that a visible visit from us was to occur. It would certainly speed up certain frequencies that are needing to be heightened in order to keep up with many that are already in their rightful place.

I have to be honest, I just feel in a really funny space right now, I Truly didn’t see this conversation coming and I would like a very valid reason for you wanting me to put this out there , because believe me , I need one!

Yet, we have not said to you a date or a time that would put you in the firing line as before.

That’s true … Mmm, I’m breathing little easier.Maybe I jumped the gun a little as they say! I am struggling with this I have to say. Sorry if I am not helping matters, I guess you didn’t bank on me reacting a little ‘off’. Hold on, let me just re align my thoughts and get myself in the right place.

We understand your reaction and yet we feel a little misunderstood.

Come and sit in my chair!!

Dearest Lady, we have put so much Trust in you, as you have in us, are allegiance with one another has come a very long way since the early days when we began working on 'The Bridge’. You are immediately recalling the beginning of the journey with us, and the doubts and heart wrenches that occurred, and yet, look what we have been through together. Have we not surpassed many matters that would not have survived friendships on a human level? We have travelled in our hearts. We have learnt from one another. We have come to a point now when we feel we are able to acusstomize ourselves with many more on your earthly vibration, for we have come to accept with much happiness that there are indeed many who are ready to join with us now in this pursuit that your earthly hearts are seeking. We have come to assist, this you know.
We have just shown to you in your minds eye the great pyramids. There was a time when we worked closely in Love and respect for each other. There was a time when those who did not reside on the earth plane were able to connect in such a way with those who were. It was as if there was no ‘barrier’ between us. This time is to come again. This time is drawing so close, for the awareness of your planet has reached the level whereby this merging may be possible once again.

There are so many now that seek the reuniting of souls from other places in this universe. Step by step we are rebuilding TRUST between many. By this we do not mean just you humans of Love on the earth plane, but there is a coming together of many from many other places that can now take hold in the position planned. This is why there is so much importance that all
proceed without hindrance, for as we have said before ... it is not just your planet that is involved in this great scheme.

So, with all respect, basically what you are saying is that at some point in the future the plans that have been made by you are going to come about.

Sooner than you think.

That’s the thing my friends, I don’t think! I no longer have a possible time span for your arrival. I prefer it that way, then there is no disappointment or expectation. If you come, you do. I am unable to look at it any other way, and please know, that may sound very nonchalant and disrespectful … it is not coming from that place. It is just the way myself and many down here have come to look upon it. Of course it would change everything, but until that time takes place, we shall all carry on in the best way we know how, trying to bring about this change in vibration and helping others to understand and wake up to the fact that there is so much more to life than we were brought up to believe.

We say to you dear lady, that as we have pledged, there will be a meeting of our races and yours. When it occurs it shall be of greater joy than one has tried their hardest to envisage. This is our word to you.

I thank you for your integrity … if that’s the right word?! I feel we are at the end of this session. I shall now take a deep breath and read back what we have written … and then, as always be brave and post it on my site. In Love and thanks to you my friends. If I am to believe all this as Truth, which I must, because my heart and my sanity tell me too, then I very much look forward to the pathway ahead ... and just to see something spectacular in the sky would be enough for me ... for now. Whenever suits!

We pride ourselves on our choices for communication.

Thank you. I shall accept your compliment with grace as I am learning to do. I feel this is to be the last communication before the Global Visualisation on Good Friday. Let’s hope it is a GOOD FRIDAY … be even better if it was a GOOD FLYDAY!! In Love and Light my friends . In love and light!

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Thanks for posting her note Kerrie, I had just read that last message on her site and came over here to visit with you (knowing you always read her messages like I do!) - and tell you that after picturing sending the Earth and the FOL light and love a lot last week and feeling a response, I saw one of those upside down rainbows over my house Saturday. I have no doubt that they do feel it when we send love. I took a couple of pictures of the rainbow, I don't have my camera with me today but tomorrow I'll try to post them on this site somehow (maybe on my page or something).

By the way, did you get the message? What they were saying about something they needed to say before they appear. What do you think the point was?
Thanks for posting Kerrie!!! This is truly exciting news!! I cant wait for this day!!!

Again, I state for the record that I do not believe in coincidence.

Last night I had a very interesting meditation session just before going to sleep, and I woke up so refreshed this morning that I tackled that early shift I'd been dreading for the last few days with enough energy to flatten every problem that came my way.

The feeling of eager anticipation has been building gradually over the last few days, and yesterday and today have been, to use the only phrase I can think of to describe it, portentious.

They speak of the Pyramids, and one of the signs I always see during meditation is a group of five pyramids, arranged to line up perfectly with one another. The latest vision I had of them was the four smaller outlining structures each beaming a strong light to the top of the center pyramid, which then bundles and amplifies the light, sending it straight up.

When I came home, just before Blossom describe starting the contact to channel, I felt the sudden urge to take a nap. I normally never sleep just after work, especially not after an early shift, but I've learned to listen to my heart and body, so I didn't object. Woke up exactly half an hour later, feeling as if I'd been elsewhere. Got that same energy back, and at the moment seem to be blessed/cursed with 'invincibility'... Everything is suddenly going right for me.

Looking forward to my meditation tonight, got a feeling it's going to be an interesting one.
Hello my sister Kerrie. It is so great that you have found a person to admire, but realize that the most important people in your life are your family and friends.
I know I am looking forward to the 10th I feel the energy levels of anticipation increasing and will be putting my intent of thoght of manifesting what I do wish to see in the sky .
Hello my sister. Such a beautiful picture of your family. I am glad you don't look up to Blossom like that but instead have found joy in finding someone that shares a similar viewpoint. It is nice to find such things. Much love to you.

Kerrie said:

Thanks LilBunnyFuFu I have 2 beautiful grown children and grandson that I love dearly and mean the world to me, but I am very independant, as they are, and live my own life, my friends I honor also and I know wish me to "party" more but respect my world it is a lovely world! You make it sound like I am a FAN of Blossom. no this is not the case I have found it very hard to LOOK UP to anyone in this world. I am excited to find beings that come from hearts wisdom that I can relate to, It is not that I am learning how to think from them, it is that THEY THINK HOW I DO! they just love stronger without judgement and this has been my lesson.Namaste LilBunnyFufu said:
Hello my sister Kerrie. It is so great that you have found a person to admire, but realize that the most important people in your life are your family and friends.
I am so excited and i cant wait. I have been feeling strange since March 21 and i feel like my body is cleansing itself for something big.

I just wish they come as soon as possible. I just cant wait to see them and send them big love.

I just read it in Blossom site and i knew this will be here too. Thank you Kerrie

Much Love, Light and Laughter to our brothers and sisters in all galaxies and to the earth

Thank you. I hope such a visitation will be visible in other parts of the world also.
Peace and love,
I have just had a thought, something magenta said about the awakening of the Bluey and crystals very soon, I wonder if this is another "push" for the uplifting of our consciousness...
Only this time, I have a bizarre feeling that only children will SEE this ....
I don';t know why, I just had this thought flash through ,my mind..
Just recently i have become very telepathic and very much more intuitive and this is what I get....
I could be totally wrong of course but wouldn't that be incredible if worldwide, all children started claiming.... they had seen the "lightships"!!!!
I wouldn't be jealous but totally ripped about it... what would the adults say about that!!!

Hehe I will be camping this weekend and am paranoid about not being near the net to get my daily fix but I would imagine that if it happens it will be visible for all to see but maybe only children.... now that would be a hard one to explain away....
Love and Light Kerrie, thanks for the e-mail darling xxxx

Torz xx
Thanks Kerrie for sharing your view. I had the feeling the "sooner than you think" was what they needed to say, but there was so much info in that message I couldn't be sure, so I appreciate reading your viewpoint on it.
Kerrie, what time are we visualizing the vessel on April 10th?
Please stop building up your hopes. There will be no vessel or light show. Just like 10-14-08

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