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I Am The Divine Self That I Am & That You Are ! By Matt Kahn

I Am The Divine Self That I Am & That You Are ! By Matt Kahn

Steve's Message .....
HI everyone,Normally I do not listen to Matt Kahn very much, but I was so strongly guided to listen and meditate with this one ... and Wow !....what a wonderfully deep and peaceful connection did I experience with my Divine Self.

I've meditated with it a handful of times now over the past several weeks, and each time I gain new insights and deeper & more profound experiences of my Divine Self than I ever have to date. Here are some of the insights I've gained below. You might want to make a list of your own as you listen...

I Am The Divine Self That I Am Now ! I Am The Divine Self That I Am Now !I Am The Divine Self That I Am Now !
I Am the Divine Self That I Am - Free from my ego's limitations Now !
I Am the Divine Self That I Am, now fully awakened & actualized & permeating my Whole Being.!
I command the Divine Self That I Am to awaken throughout my mind, my body, my heart, & my Soul.
I command the Divine Self That I Am to awaken, activate, & open up my crown chakra, my 3rd eye chakra , my throat chakra, my heart chakra, My solar plexus chakra, my sacral chakra, my root chakra, and my alpha & omega chakras in the palms of my hands and the souls of my feet.

I command the Divine Self That I Am to awaken throughout my mind & mental body, and my emotional body, and my etheric body, & my spiritual body, & my causal body, my astral body, my Light body, my Rainbow Light body.I command the Divine Self That I Am to heal my heart, mind, body, my Soul - to heal my Whole Being Now !

I command all these bodies of consciousness throughout my energy field , my chakras, & all aspects of myself on a quantum & inter-dimensional level be united in oneness, and synthesize in the harmony of the Divine Self That I Am, and be integrated completely in the fabric of my being, be actualized in the present time, & entered in my Zero Point Field Now !

I declare that my Zero Point Field is fully realized, activated, integrated, & actualized in the Divine Self That I Am Now !I declare that my body is the body of my Divine Self, free from my ego, and fully functions as the magnificence of the Divine Self That I Am Now.

From this moment forward, I move with Divine Intention & ease, & allow each moment to be cherished & savored in the Divine Self That I Am - free from my ego's limitations.

I Am the Divine Self That I Am anchored, embodied, & expressing my Multi-Dimensional Self with my every breath !

I Am the Divine Self That I Am & That You Are in action - awakening in the hearts & minds of every human being !

Whenever you are experiencing fear of any kind - affirm: "Thank you Humanity for opening my Root Chakra & awakening to the remembrance of the Divine Self That I Am & That You Are !

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Peace, Healing, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You, Steven Hutchinson

Matt Kahn's Message .....

Slowing down.
Having nowhere to go, nothing to 'do'.
Sound Familiar? While this is what's being pressed upon us globally in the form of quarantines, schedule and plan derailments, changes to our rhythms, stepping out of our regular routines into a space of 'unknown'-- what we're describing above is actually what thousands of us have been practicing on a biweekly basis in our Total Integration collective experience throughout the past year.

Now more than ever, in these highly charged and uncertain times, we are ineffably grateful for the ongoing opportunity to globally connect through these Total Integration calls. It's as though they've been preparing us all along-- this regular commitment we've taken to connect, slow down, relax our overstimulated nervous systems...To "just feel" and settle into the zero point doorway where All Is Well; where all is ONE.

We invite you (actually, we encourage you) to experience this space of grace and sweet relief by listening to our last Total Integration call -- guided by Matt and recorded a few weeks ago on March 18th. Many of us around the world found this call to be life-changing in how we position ourselves internally, as we're navigating the ever-rapidly changing external world.

So please, enjoy this powerful call as our free gift to you -- the masterful transmission of sacred energy, and the delivery of words to help it deepen and integrate. It is profound, core, unified Total Integration.

In this time of viruses, may the contagious peace that surpasses all understanding settle in our hearts, and the infectious Power of Love ripple out into the world -- now, as never before. Thank you for being here at this unprecedented time on our planet. Thank you for the light you shine.

In sincere gratitude,
The All For Love Team,
Matt Kahn
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Video - "I Am The Divine Self That I Am & You Are ! By Matt Kahn"


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