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The Book of Giants
4Q203, 1Q23, 2Q26, 4Q530-532, 6Q8

Giant Humans and Dinosaurs

These remains were discovered by Saudi oil industry technicians.  He or she stood between 15 and 20 feet tall. The weathering on it is consistent with the technician's description that the skull was originally found partially uncovered by the winds.  You can read the background details about the photo here.

9' GIANT IN UTAH GRAVE (notice the skull)

Top: Machnov in London
at the Hippodrome

Giants Ireland
Ancient Super Race of Man
The Great Cover Up of Man
Tracing Man Back 110 Million + Years!


The Death Valley Giants

Giant Human Skeletons
Historical Report of Giant Human Skeletons Uncovered across the World

Fritz Zimmerman, Author of The Nephilim Chronicles::: Interview RE: Giant Skeletons:::

Technology not of this World 

Upon their arrival, the Tuatha De Danaan, the legendary magicians had to fight two major battles, before they could take control over Ireland. 

In the first battle, they encountered the Firbolgs (the Men of the Bags), who they defeated at Magh-Tuireadh. Legends relate how the Tuatha de Danaan cloaked themselves in a mist, which enabled them to appear and vanish out of sight as they wished. Naturally, this act completely confused the Firbolgs, who had major problems keeping track of their enemy. Cloaking technology was frequently used among the ancient space gods. The alien gods of India for example, used invisible shields as well as holographic projections. No doubt that the Tuatha De Danaan were also acquainted with the same technology.

During the second battle, the Tuatha de Danaan faced the Fomore. They were evil giants, who launched raids on Ireland from Tory Island. One of the leaders of the Fomore was the giant Balor. He used to send a powerful beam ("flux of energy") across the channel between Tory Island and Ireland, to blast his enemies. Descriptions of him suggest that he was rather a machine than a living creature.

He was a frightening giant, compared to a Cyclops whose eye cast out a beam that turned his enemies into ashes. Moreover, his only eye could blast a whole army when he opened the seven eyelids protecting it. This undoubtedly special eye of his, had to be kept open with the aid of metal hooks held up by assistants. During one of the battles, the god Lugh, using one of his magical weapons, the Assal spear managed to put Balor’s evil eye out of function. 
We can only speculate and guess what kind of high-tech weapons Balor and Lugh were using. Nevertheless, these beings must have been technologically very advanced. Why would otherwise the Tory Tower, the place where the giant Balor lived be vitrified?

from the book of Thoth

Stone carving of a Giant woman


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