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Ok I have sent brad an email that he posted unedited and in it I mentioned my healing abilities, people have been asking about them so I decided to post my "technique if you will"

Open your chackra in your hands. (Try both but do the left or non
writing hand first) If you don't know how to do this then use my

1. Imagen a seed in your hands. As your energy opens the seed begins
to grow and becomes a plant. (tree,flower what ever)

2. Let the energy flow through your hand. think about good energy
healing energy let that and only that flow through your hand.

3. Stay relaxed, and put your hands over the hurt area.

4. give your energy something to do while your hands are over the
area. visualize it flowing through the pain or injury. (I have used
this to do other things to like get water or ear wax out of the
inner ear so its not limited to pain.)

Also it helps if you wet your hand and the aura of the wound or pain with clean water (at least it helps me a whole lot)

and also use this to cure disease and to disinfect and do about anything else you can think of

I have also used this same technique to heal non physical creatures such as spirits

Finally do not ever use this ability instead of medication or visiting a doctor, I am not a professional healer I am a just a kid that figured out a few neat tricks so don' really on this too much

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darn i made a few typos I will prof read next time
that was fun

PK = panchakarma?
Reb said:
that was fun

PK = panchakarma?

PK = Psychokinesis
Thank you, Alex. I will try this lots of times:)))
Thanks! I'll give it a try. I hope that it works.

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