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In my familiy we are 3. Me my brother and my father but mom is total unbeliver she is saying all the time that we are stupid :). And my father had a vision 10 years ago about ashtar command that he was leader of ashtar command :|. So i do belive he was my parent up there too and same with my brother .

Love & light

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How nice to have a father and brother who share your beliefs. Hopefully, your mother will awaken soon and your entire family will be able to look foward to what's ahead together.

I have three older children who all believe there MAY be life out there somewhere and they SAY they believe in the existence of UFOs but when I mentioned to them that our origins are actually from a plant other than Earth, they ALL turned on me completely. My youngest even suggested that I needed to seek professional help.

At first I was very hurt, because as their parent I expected they would not disregard what I am saying; but that has not been the case. In fact, I have been banned from discussing my beliefs at our upcoming Thanksgiving celebration.

It's so very hard to have to keep my thoughts buried inside, when I know the truth and if they could just open their eyes and at least read what I read, and see what I see on certain web sites, I think they would change their minds.

For now, I am just trying to be supportive of my friends on the many lightworker sites who themselves sometimes need a word of encouragement. It will be as it should be.

Peace and Love
Ye i hope soo she will she is tough one :D Just wait for the right moment :) and the strike again like i will ;)

Love & light
By jure
The number of family members believing in UFO's and ET civilizations? A grand total of 1, only me. Then again, I was adopted.

My family is too busy fighting among themselves and worrying about money and politics to see beyond their own limited world and experience. While I still love them all dearly, without exception, I had to move away from their influence and hope they will all awaken soon.
My father is the only one who believes in aliens and ufos. He believes that they built the pyramid's around the world...etc
My partner doesn't believe in aliens giving messages to us, or being here to assist us. He does believe in ETs though, but I think he rather sees them far from his day-to-day experiences. When it comes to Indigo's ans stuff, he doesn't follow anymore. It needs to have a scientific bottom for him, not spiritual. ( :-/ ) I have two brothers, 1 of them got triggered by the 14.10 messages; but I think he has lost the interest in it by now, although he does believe in life on other planets. Actually, the believe in the possibility of other life forms is accepted by quite some of my family, but the funny thing is that they will behave very differently just depending on what word you use. If I say "other life forms", they have no prob. If I start about Pleiadians, Greys, ... they cut off. I think they are just afraid of the possibility that that other life form REALLY exists.
I think I'm considered weird in my family. My second daughter shares the same ideas and is quite open to receiving messages, mostly in her dreams, She told me recently that she had dreamt of many light ships of different colours dancing in the sky. Hey I'd rather be thought weird and stick to what I feel is the truth. I really feel that we must do something............not just be the ones that are seen as odd, but get out there and wake up the sleepers. in any way we can.

much love

Patrish xxxx
Only 1 my mother but she doesn't believe that they have been here for a very long time, and that they are here now. My sister won't talk to me since she believe's in her religion and the earth is the only planet with life on it. Also when i tell her that meditation is more important than excercise her excuse is i don't have time to do that. I have my kids to take care of. That's what she says, My mom is starting to awaken a little at a time but my sister is in for a big shock when disclosure comes around very soon. That is really going to effect her because she is so close minded and so attached to Christianity and believes every word in the bible. She is a good person and a loving person, but she uses her kids alot as excuses for so many things. I know she is on her own path but i feel for her though. She doesn't even believe in this dimensional shift in Consciousness and all this prophecy about 2012.

My city is in for such a Shock, My Neighbers believe in Ufo's though and are aware of the ufo cover up
My family consists of myself, my 18 year old brother and my mother and father who are still together (in the divorce age).

I told my mother and brother about 10 14 and they were quite interested in the whole thing. i could tell that when i talked to the both of them about it, they were excited. they didn't really question what i was saying. my mother had the reaction of "well thats pretty cool, i hope they come". of course my mother is a science teacher with a major in biology and chemistry, so she has an inquisitive mind as it is. and i think that 10 14 really did effect her (ill get to that in a sec).

My brother on the other hand was Super excited about the whole thing. he kept asking questions, wanting to know who they were, why they were coming etc. he has always been very interested in the cosmos (i guess thats a good way to say it). from a very young age we both have been very interested in what's above us. growing up on a farm that is far away from city lights lets you see things you otherwise wouldn't. and we use to spend hours just stargazing and talking about what was up there.

when 10 14 finally arrived they kept their eyes to the sky. even though i live 80 miles away from them, i know they both kept looking.

when the day came to an end though, i expected them to call me and ask what happened or "where are they at, hmm?" but when they called they seemed to be somewhat enlightened, not only that but ever since that day their attitudes towards many things have changed. they both seem to be much more positive.

in the end i think they still beleive in some way. something changed in them, i can feel it.

:as a side note:
talking about this reminds me of a recent conversation i had with my mother on our recent vacation to the Kennedy Sapce Center in Florida this past June:

we had just boarded a ride that simulated the experience of taking off in a space shuttle and how "in the future we might be doing this" as NASA told us (coincidence?)

as we were waiting for the simulation to begin my mother turned to me and said;
"If you were really able to do this, would you?"
without hesitation i replied "of course i would"
she paused and just looked at me for a second and then just said in that motherly voice all mothers have
"I know you would, thats why I love you, you're not afraid of anything are you?"
and me being me, i replied with a little shrug and a little smirk of a smile and just said "Well, i guess you raised an adventurous one didn't you."
and with her laugh i knew that if it were ever Really were to happen, she would understand no matter what.

I guess I could say it was one of those moments in time where i felt that i had no reason to fear the future and that was something i had never felt before.

Much Love
Not so sure, I know everyone in my earth family pretty much thinks I've lost it... I keep the faith however.. Not sure why I would of asked for this family??? It's a struggle for me. Fear maybe, for them... Patience for me???
Well in my family we are 5. My father, My mother and my two sisters. Only myself believe in ufos. But the rest of them always tell me that they have to reveal themselves for they believe that they exist.

But I can`t conceive that they don`t believe because we have all this enormous universe for us, and you think, hummmm there is something else out that only us. Anyway i respect their opinions because we have free will and only we they decide to believe would be the natural time for they grow in their conciousness.

Love and Light
my mother wants to ride in a lightship!
my father wants to discover the truth
my brother has no comments
my dog is already pleiadian

my sirian friends have so far agreed to let my family go on a joyride. hahah
I believe because
I am a ET .. and my family to

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