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How do you tell your friends and family about this stuff?

When i try and tell my loved ones the truth all i get is negitivity and they think im on drugs or something lol. I have made some progress tho my cousin now is aware of the Illuminati.

-Do you guys try to explain this to your friends/family? If so what happens?
-Maybe im doing it wrong how should i show them the light?
Love and Light

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lol i been accused of taking drugs as well! thats crzy!

Ninie said:

I pretty much have the same problem. And my partner is making jokes like: "shall I call a medic?" or "have you been taking dugs?", stuff like that. But as I saw the reactions on your question, many of us seem to encounter this 'problem'. Actually, it nearly came so far that I started to question the strong energetic feeling I had experienced on October 14 (because I can assure you guys, even though They didn't show as predicted, They were certainly doing things out there!), I felt like being madly in love that day, just out of the blue. But fortunately, when I started doubting some days later, I got that madly in love feeling again and now nobody ever again will make me doubt about Them, and the power of Truth, Light and Love. Sadly enough, the only person in the house that seems to understand the same feeling is my baby boy. So I have decided to not say anything about it anymore to my partner, but started to work behind the scene. And it seems to work. I take examples from the news e.g. and tell him that that is just completely insane, or wrong, and try to give him the other perspective, of how it could be better. This is working. He is with me, as long as I don't mention anything energy or "alien" related because then he gets very cautious again (somehow I don't like to use the word "alien" anymore, it seems a bit rude to Them, but that's just a feeling...). So my advice: do your work slowly. Concentrate your energy on the ones you really want to focus. Start with making them realise that our system just doesn't work anymore. Make them see other solutions/possibilities. If they understand things don't have to be the way they are right now, they have made a giant step forward. And whether they want to accept all the rest is up to their soul I guess. The only thing we can do is to open their eyes and hearts and "beam" them with our positive energy.


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