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How do you tell your friends and family about this stuff?

When i try and tell my loved ones the truth all i get is negitivity and they think im on drugs or something lol. I have made some progress tho my cousin now is aware of the Illuminati.

-Do you guys try to explain this to your friends/family? If so what happens?
-Maybe im doing it wrong how should i show them the light?
Love and Light

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Hmm....i run into this problem a lot, with not just family, but tons of people on the internet too. I go with this saying though: "You can lead a horse to water but you can't force it to drink." Meaning you can spread all this truth/knowledge, but doesn't mean they will take it all in. However, when they start running into truths on their own they will realize what you were saying was the truth and resonates with them and they will start listening to you hopefully. explains a lot about the conditioning and programming of people and will help you understand why most refuse to change their beliefs without solid proof (usually being scientific, even though science is controlled). Believe me i've been doing this for years and i've had so much negativity and hatred thrown back at me for trying to show people the light, it's quite disheartening but i don't let it bring me down. Try explaining orgone/orgonite to the average person ;)
luckily, i have a couple friends who are very much interested in the same stuff.

i don't think i would ever tell my parents though. i think they would probably think i'm possessed or something (they are Christians)
I see that you are quoting "The Love You Withhold Is the Pain you carry Allways" from Alex Collier. If anyone, does not know who Alex Collier is then I would suggest doing a Google search and hear what he has to say.


Woken2012 said:
Same here. I find it better to just love them more,but this may help. The Gods Of Eden by William Bramley Great book,and try out "What the beep do we know" its on dvd. Google them.

have a safe day......

The Love You Withhold Is the Pain you carry Allways....
For me it is the same, I give some subtile hints to collegues, friends, family, but when they don't react I leave it like this,
I think they will change when they see the big changes coming up and that is when we can explain what is happening.
if you try to tell this to someone who's completely uninterested they look at you like you're some kind of
When I'm listening to the solfeggio frequencies my daughter(14) is making fun of it, even meditation is crazy in her eyes.
I'm patient and just wait for the right time to say what I have to say.
Love & Light to all;
Lol! A lot of people think I'm crazy and give me weird looks when I tell them about new world order or about anything spiritual. But then again, plenty of my friends at school find it extremely fascinating. I consider myself kinda lucky, since I'm surrounded around open minded people. Not to mention my mother and father are also very supportive, however I usually don't tell my mom most of the things that happen to me (Such as auras and ghosts) since she is catholic and freaks out over that stuff.

I feel like I'm doing something very important by spreading this truth, I suppose. Again, I'm very lucky to be around open minded people. But then again, I'm very young and it might be different for youngsters such as I?
Start where you started, with small things that make them question the bigger picture.
It really is funny how we all have the same problem, but if you think about it, what we're doing by trying to explain to family and friends is the foundation or beginning. In other words this had to happen, there had to people who understood the truth while living in a world that is blind. It's only natural to get excited to present to the one's you love a new and far better world to live in, so don't stop trying. I know I won't. Peace.
Hey guys thanks for all the replies =). Im gonna take it slow now like alot of you suggested and not push it to much. Light and Love to everyone.
I completely understand where you are coming from. I have recently just decided to be a little more stealthy about the way I output the Truth to skeptical people, especially my girlfriend and my family. It has been very challenging spreading very open ideas the last couple of months but I do feel that we are in charge of planting the seeds and possibly birthing a new paradigm. So the outcome of all these reality-challenging conversations with others will definitely outweigh the discouragement in the long run. Be creative/indirect about what you say these days and you'll find that the people whom seem interested will ask questions back and are usually your best bet for further teaching. Good day and good luck. : )
Its quite sad how some people just don't want to know anything that reduces their comfort zone. I have been on a spiritual path for a few years now and have changed my beliefs radically. This can be very hard for family and friends. With hindsight the "softly softly" approach seems the best. Plant a seed in the hope that it will grow.
This is my first post here, glad to be with so many like minded friends

Patrish xxxx
Ya It is hard to explain. My father is the same way. Luckly my mother has been in to this and metaphysics for a long time so she's here with me. You really can only try to get the truth to them. Hopefully the mothership event will happen soon then everyone will "see" and want to know what the truth is. Then you will be the best person to explain the truth to them. Just keep trying to get the word out. I find the best way in presenting this information to the close minded is trying to present it to them in the form from the government control aspect. Then the disclosure project is what we call proof of the truth, with the true proof being the media. The disclosure project is a bunch of retired government officials that mostly feel bad about all the lies and want us to know. Look up the disclosure project and try using that for proof to the close minded. That and have them watch a video on 911 called lose change. If you get them to believe that then you can get them to try to accept the fact we are not alone and there is so much more
i have the same problem , i have the best boyfriend in the world but he does not believe me in any of this, he thinks these are my believes and he will respect them im like dude just please try to see what i see and you might realize its not religious belief it is mostly facts! what do i do ,.. i read in a book once that we dont have time to recruit - ones who want to know will have open mind and eyes the ones who dont they live a different life line but i really want this guy by my side on this.

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