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As explained here, one of the signs Keshe showed in the 121st knowledge seekers workshop proves that he pledges allegiance to Satan. According to Illuminati researcher Fritz Springmeier, the “Horned Hand” is a hypnotic induction which triggers certain programming in Monarch mind-controlled slaves. Project Monarch is also closely tied to Project MKULTRA. We leave it to you to determine whether Keshe is a victim of such a mind control program, or a controller, or both.

Keshe also said “There shall be no prophet Moses”, even though according to himself, Keshe himself is of the Moses bloodline. This shows once again his personality split and his self-hatred, which he projects onto everyone else, by accusing people of abuse, murder, and other crimes. Keshe wants to abolish all religions, and the reason for all that is described here.

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With a coke bottle reactor to the stars - Is Mr. Keshe for real?

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