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Hollywood script movies a tool of the illuminati?

When some go to watch movies,his/her mind is left with a suggestion of the director. it's called predictative programming. It is the power of suggestion, using thhe media of fiction to create a desire outcome. here's a list of just some of the movie designed to manipulate your thoughts and plant thoughts of chaos, fear , wars, the revolking of freedom, ancient egyptian magical symbol, aliens and so on. The movies are the day the earth stood still, this movie contains a message too important that it was used twice, one in 1954 and released again 2008, the message is the story of a humanoid alien visitor comes to earth with a warning which is the planet is dieing, and the humans are the main problem.In 1996, came a blockbuster called Independence Day, the message was the aliens are coming and their goal is to invade and destroy.2004, I-Robot.2005, V for Vendatta as we are getting closer to the chaos.Invasion released in 2006.I-Am-Legend released in 2008. Then when it came to 2008 numbers a movie released which was cloverfield,indiana jones and the kingdom of the cystal skulls,and the second remake of the one they love so much because it really says it all The Day The Earth Stood Still, aliens watching over us and finally coming in to take over because we are not doing the job of taking care of mother earth. all of these movies are tools of the illuminati programing tools to ready the population of the earth to the events the world and stage the coming to world order they put in plots that reafirm the direction of where they are leading our society. movies like this are made to brain wash you in believing that we need to be driven to the brink of anihilation in order to establish a better world.

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I think v for vandatta isn't an illumanati movie, I mean it supported the destruction of government after all
A good example of confusional hypnosis is the technique used by MTV amongst others, for their ads. First they flash a picture of something so strange and bizarre that your conscious mind can't comprehend it. Then, whilst tthe conscious mind is preocupied with trying to figure it out, they flash their logo which is then accepted by your subconcious mind, which at this point is highly suggestible due to the misdirection of attention of your conscious mind. Once your aware of their tricks is easy to spot them :)
I agree V for vendetta does not strike me as an Illuminati movie.
There are some decent youtubes that give some viewpoints on this topic.

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