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Hello everyone, my name's Tim!

I'm very excited to be a part of this community and feel privileged to share knowledge with everyone else here. Although I am still very young, being only 21, I hope that my experience here is both enlightening to others as much as I, myself, am enlightened by you.

I found this site on a link from a blog and was very intrigued and fascinated by some of the livestream video of Bashar. Especially relating to his application of spiritual concepts to physics. This makes them more tangible to me.

I have a lot of hobbies and interests, including computer science, astrology, physics, electronics and circuit building, backpacking, brewing beer, classic literature, all periods of history, drum and bass, the bible, smoking hookah, socializing with friends, and meeting new people and seeing what they have to say.

I've, only recently, started becoming interested in tarot and also using the body for energy manipulation, as well as astral projection (of which i have yet to succeed in doing). I used to be able to have a strong control over 'psi' energy (or whatever you want to call it) in my body when i was younger, but i stopped practicing and lost some skill, which i can see from day to day is slowly coming back.

I have some college education and studied journalism while in school. I wound up dropping out of college very recently because I lost my job and, because of the state of the economy, decided to join the US Navy.

I join this community at a rather inopportune time since I will be leaving for boot camp in only a week or so. I scored very high on my asvab and was accepted into a special program in the service. I can only hope that my time in the Navy will allow me access to interesting research opportunities and will fuel my desire for further learning.

But let me not digress from the point of this post. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your community and sharing this little piece of the world together.


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welcome to saviors of earth, enjoy your stay
Welcome to SOE Tim!!! I love Drum and base one of my favorites, I just remember when I used to go to Raves and dance for three days straight (with no drugs)... Enjoy the journey to a better understanding of life's Misteries...
Welcome, Tim. May your time here be nourishing to the heart and wisdom guide the way.
Be in the Light and peace be with you.

Welcome Home Tim :):):) Namaste .
Welcome Tim!....Great to know that you love electronics!...i love it too!!...
Welcome to this group! It is a good place to be.
Welcome to saviors of earth .This is a place that puts out a lot of good positive energy from it members .I myself now realize that their are many people out their that have been aware of the same wrongs in our world taking place that are being covered up by our so called governments and corporations using the media to sell their propaganda for their sinister agenda .My son just went in the navy also about 10 months ago ,and he before he went into the navy thought just about everything I told him was just my imagination getting carried away .So I must say I felt a few tears run down my nose from his last E-MAIL to me by saying :dad I am learning a lot here about what is going on in the world and I just had to say that what I have witnessed and learned that my dad somehow knew the real truth after all so I am sorry dad I ever doubted what you told me as being the real truth he added that I must understand that the real truth is very painful to obsorb so people tend to stray away from things that produce pain.. what you were telling me ,dad was somethings that our lives would be so much better with out These dark forces are truly in the way of peace truth and justice for all Its easy to see that their is no profits or power gained from that.. ..And lots and lots of people here in the navy dont like knowing that fact .So Tim I can say to you go with and open mind and think for yourself and this site has a energy eminating from all the light it produces to seem to show you the direction of where the truth is .Welcome aboard sailor ....

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