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Hey, I figured I had nothing to lose by asking, but I had to create a youtube site for my boss. We do all this work with kids and adults. He does all these different types of shows and presentations, and had asked me to do the video editing for him and the animation and sound design, so i did.

Anyway, the site is up, but it needs subscribers, friend requests and the videos need hits. Yeah, the stuff is in Romanian, but the videos pretty much speak for themselves, no matter the language. So if you could all go pay it a visit and maybe subscribe to the channel, that would be pretty sweet. Him and I and Mariell would appreciate it. :)

Thanks in advance



UPDATE: I rebuilt the site, if you read my comment below you'll see what happened. :)



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Just paid a visit :) Nice video PA. pleasure...
"EUAMOMEULICO" (me)  has subscribed!
Subscribed. The kids will love the little mouse eating cheese I think.
done and liked :o)

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