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Thanks for welcoming me to this website.  I have been on the New Age path just about all my life.  I had my first starship contact when I was 4 years old where I discovered I am not from Gaia.  A feeling of homesickness overcame me when I saw the scout ship outside my bedroom window.  I telepathically cried out to the ship's occupants that I did not belong here and I wanted to go home.  In my midteens, I had my second contact experience.  It was a cold, clear night in early December in the mid 1970s and I was walking home after helping my mother at her job at the local university cafeteria.  Marveling at the beautiful, starry night, a voice told me to look up at the sky.  As I did so, I saw a cigar-shaped craft, silently motionless above me.  There were two rows of lights and a single globe of light beneath the others.  Staring at the ship in awe and excitement, I sent a thought to the ship's occupants, saying my name and that I wished them peace and meant them no harm.  They returned a reply, saying they were aware of me, wished me peace, meant me no harm, and they would see me again one day.  The ship disappeared and my metaphysical gifts started to manifest a short time after that.  Today, I am a holistic health practitioner and energy worker.  I use a number of natural modalities to help clients become dis-ease free.    

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The scout ship occupants are from Sirius and the cigar-shaped ship occupants are from the Pleiades.
Welcome to SoE Debra! What an exciting story you have!!! :)
Welcome Debra.  Amazing and exciting indeed.  Thank you for sharing with us.
I wish to thank everyone for their kind and warm welcomes.  Bless you all.

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