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Actually Oct 14 2008 ,was one of the most important dates in the history of the humanity. Raising the awareness
of the Higher level of understanding. ..thus ufo's,space beings,ascension,higher vibrations , dimensions,
intergalactic conections, interconectedness ect ect ..and everything els of the most important lessons for the entire beloved Humanity and our lovely Mother Earth. .......what a great start that, that day triggered.

Oct 14 2008 was ''The Breaking Of The Hard Ice'' wich opened many ways of uniting the people of openmindedness in love and light,that would otherwise be very very difficult to even start.
Oct 14 deserves the greatest celebration ever. The push of our great awakening.
.....................................................................much love to All,and happy oct 14 . Namaste.

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Oct 14,brought us togather :):):) it would be so hard for me to find all of you sweet sparks of light, if wasn't for it.
..........................I'm so thankful and greatful for this date indeed ,to make it possible meeting like-minded people and openly discuss important matters.
Yes, happy oct. 14 to all humanity.

happy one year anniversary to my SoE friends who were here at the beginning. some have left, but i'm glad i have ways to contact them!

It was a day that changed our lives forever. Thank you to all who've participated!
Happy oct 14th! this was truly a remarkable time last year, brought so much light and love to the grid. although there was no light ship, myself and many more people were spiritually energized from that time on. It was also around then when we were first introduced to the amazing solfeggios too!!
Amen Besimi!!! It truly was a time of great awakening for everyone. Including myself!!
Happy October 14th everyone.

Love and Light
''The Breaking Of The Hard Ice'' thats a great way of putting it.
Thanks to all the SOE members for a wonderful year together. A lot of people here work really hard searching and thinking of ways of bringing more light to this planet. Thank you Brad for initiating this last year Namaste Brother. We have made it through another year. Some hoping for Light ships, others to find a better way to connect to the Higher Self. Me I have learned more in this last year than in 32 yrs of my life. I am happy of who I am today for I am where I am supposed to be. I LOVE YOU ALL...
Hey guys this have been a great year since that!...Remember that i was searching for spiritual matters...then i found this blog of Brad....and then as you know here we are.......

.... The solfeggio stuff thanks to Ravi and facilitated to us by Brad, they made possible this "Jump" in energy that raised our was like

Tons of love to all of you beings of light!

Happy Oct 14 !

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