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Hi all,

My nan who is 79 years old has been suffering from dementia for the past year or so, this is gradually getting worse and worse over time.

It's come to the point where we are only seeing glimpses of her normal self, most of the time she is in a world of her own and it is becoming very painful to see for all the family which are very close to her and each other.

I would be very greatful if the people of saviors of earth could meditate or send thoughts sending her love and light and positive energy, anything that could make any improvement on her condition, her name is Alma Stokes she lives in Canvey Island, Essex, England if that helps?

Any help would be much appreciated :D



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I just finished sending her healing, I noticed something in between her left and right brain so I consentrated much of the energy there. Then I saw something by her left shoulder and down to her waist, and held my hands there for a while, I saw the colour of light grren there so I asked for some red, and immediately the colour on her changed to a more golden and then normal. I guess these were the places she needed most attention, for now.

Much Love and Light to your grandma and your self.
Thank you for all your help i will let you guys know if she shows any signs of improvement.


I pray for your Nan. Could be that she is inbetween-worlds.
I'll do what i can!!!
Betty said:
I prayed for your Nan. Could be that she is inbetween-worlds.
Thanks Brenda,

I beleive that your right that she is in between worlds she has often talked about seeing angels, her parents, grand parents and her husband that have all passed away, ive noticed that when she drifts off for a nap she will start speaking and communicating like she is awake so maybe she is communicating to the people in the spirit world?

Next time i visit her i'm going to do what you said when she is in a lucid moment ask her where she has been and who she has been with :)

Thanks for all your responses and all your help love and light to all of you :))


Brenda said:
Hi Scott! I will send love and healing to your grandma. How about some for the family too!!!! I used to be a CNA and my specialty was Alzheimer’s. I can tell you this I know as a person who has chatted with people who have crossed over. Your Grandma can choose to leave or to stay in her body while going threw this process. I am serious! I am not trying to be hurtful at all. If her lucid moments are more than her confused moments than she will most likely stay (her spirit will stay I mean) in her body to spend as much time with her family as she can. But as her lucid moments get less and less she may choose to cross over. Even though her body is still alive. I know this sounds crazy but I worked in the field for a long time. The person’s spirit will do what a lot of people in comas do. It will just leave the body. This should be a comfort to you to know that even though Grandmas Body is not knowing who you are and being confused, her spirit is most likely right there next to you. OR on the other side having a good time and feeling great! I have been taking care of patients who were in the last stages of Alzheimer’s, when I will feel the person next to me and not at all in the bed I am tending too! I would be sure to tell the soul that I knew it was there and assure it that I am helping to take good care of the body. Just know that God would not forget your grandma. Her loved ones who have already passed away will not forget her and let he soul suffer It is hard on her at first but as it progresses she will be there less and less. Her only sorrow will be to see how badly it hurts her loved ones she is leaving behind. If you catch her in a lucid moment ask her if you want if she knows where she goes when she seems to be gone..or however you might word it. You could say “Grandma! Where did you go yesterday when I was here? You stopped talking to me!” See what she tells you. She will say she was with the angels or with God or her mother or something like that! I hope that gives you comfort. I will also send what I personally can to you and your family. Love to you Hunny, I am so sorry for your loss but happy you have the love of your grandma!!!
your wish are answer brother peace love and light to your grandmother i will meditate for her today..

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