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Hello There My Friend - Remembering Our Member and Friend Matt Wilkinson.



There was tragic news to hear about Your physical loss Brother Matt :(:(:( ,
 ...I can hardly belive it, indeed.   I'm so sad, fast You went to the other side.
I can only tell You,that You will Be Greatly Missed Matt, ..Our lovely Brother.
...But You will never be forgotten,You will always be in our Hearts and Thoughts.   Your membership with us will continue as long as Saviors of Earth does, and I'll make sure,I'll visit Your page time after time and leave some comments for You my friend. ...just as before.  
 So much love to You,lovely Soul, and Thanks a lot for All the contribution that You have made here at SOE ,and elswhere to help Humanity and Mother Earth see better times ahead. 
..................... You will always be loved.Namaste.

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this was a message from his sister:
'' hello this is Matthew's sister Meaghan ive just came on here too look at his page and such as he always showed me this page and talked to me about his beliefs i just wanted to let you know my brother passed away on October 19th 2009 in a tragic accident, I'm sure he would want me to send you his blessings, but i know in my heart my brother is doing what hes always wanted to do in another demention. just was letting you know so that's why hes not replying to emails and such =( ''

...................Blessed be His Soul forever.
May the Great Spirit guide him through his dimensions ...
Love U Matt Wilkinson, now and forever ...
Last words of his last post in SOE:

"... and look at us now, just one lightworker community out of thousands, now standing 2000 strong with our light shining so strong that the entire conscious universe feels our presence of love, and the powers that be here on earth tremble in their beds knowing that change is just on the horizon."

And change was just on the horizon for him. Now, in much love and light, his soul remembers the truth.
Stone Meditation for Matt Wilkinson
Soul of man!
You live in the limbs
That carry you through the world of space
Into the sea of spirit-being:
Practice spirit remembrance
In the depths of soul,
Where in the reigning
Cosmic creator-being
Your own I
In God's I
Is begotten;
And you will truly live
In the cosmic human being.
For the Father Spirit of the heights reigns
Creating being in the cosmic depths:
Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones
Let resound from the heights
What in the depths its echo finds;
This speaks:
Ex deo nascimur.
The elemental spirits
In East, West, North, South hear this:
May men hear it too.
Soul of man!
You live in the heart-lung-beat
That guides you through the rhythm of times
To the sensing of your own soul's being:
Practice spirit contemplation
In equanimity of soul,
Where the surging
Cosmic creative deeds
Your own I
To the cosmic I;
And you will truly feel
In deeds of the human soul.
For the will of Christ reigns in the earthly sphere
Granting grace to souls in cosmic rhythms:
Kyriotetes, Dynamis, Exusiai
Let from the east inflame
What through the west takes form;
This speaks:
In Christo morimur.
The elemental spirits
In East, West, North, South hear this:
May men hear it too.
Soul of man!
You live in the reposing head
Which opens cosmic thoughts
from eternal founts to you:
Practice spirit-seeing
In peace of mind,
Where the eternal goals of the gods
The cosmic being's light
On your own I
For its free will;
And you will truly think
From founts of human spirit.
For the cosmic thoughts of spirit,
light imploring, reign in cosmic being;
Archai, Archangeloi, Angeloi
Let from the depths demand
What will be heard in the heights;
This speaks:
Per spiritum sanctum reviviscimus
The elemental spirits
In East, West, North, South hear this:
May men hear it too.
At the turning point of time
The cosmic spirit-light stepped
Into earthly evolution;
Night darkness
Had ended its reign;
The bright light of day
Streamed into human souls;
That warms
The poor shepherd hearts
That enlightens
The wise kings' heads.
Light divine,
Sun of Christ,
Our hearts —
Our heads,
So that good results
From what
Our hearts beget,
What we
By thinking
Forcefully will to do.
Thank YOU Besimi so much for Leaving that ONEderfull message for MATT on His Page and Here Too ~
and Yes ~ It is Great Idea that We should visit his site and leave messages for him as He may NOT BE here with us
in his body but He Is StILL part of US in This ONEderFull family of Spiritual BEings and His ONEderFUL Spirit is
part Of US for Ever !!!
Love You Matt and May your Spirit Soar High ~ Spread Your Angel Wings. Love and Miss You Brother.

I will miss him here on the physical plane. I also feel he is still helping all of us get through this dark cloud and into thje light of truth ..
God bless Matt Wilkinson and thank you kind soul.

He is on the other side assisting us. We have a SoE member helping from the higher realms. He is still here with us, but we cant see him. He will help us any way he can, just call him by name.
I just wanted to take this time to say we will miss you Matt, even though i never knew you or talked to you personaly here on SoE i do remember seeing your name but all the same you were one of us and will always be in our hearts. May your journey be guided by other ascended masters and loved ones. I'm sure you are doing fine out there :)
Seeing this post actually came at a very good time for me and helped me. And i think that may have been Matt's doing (And Besimi's) :) I had begun to fall into a bad mood of sorts which i didnt want but couldnt help myself. So i logged in thinking it may help my vibe and frequency, And it did! Imediately i began to feel love for him and the ALL. and dropped my bad feelings. And not only from the loving posts, but coincidently a sequence of numerology that have personal meaning to me. The time of Besimi's 1st and 2nd posts, and when i went to look at Matt's page i noticed his last post was on 10-14. isnt that the date that basically got this whole site started? which gathered all of us together in the 1st place. it gave me chills and raised my vibe like you couldnt believe i found it to be a great sign. it might sound far fetched to most but it really helped me at a bad time. and i give my thanks to Matt!! Much Love to him and ALLasONE!

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