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hello i am called kristmann runar gudmundsson born in reykjavik iceland 1978 10 of november

well i have noticed that im diffrent then the commoners i have signs on my body that im starting to figure out my number in heaven is atleast 777 and one of my heavenly names are hearts of diamonds diamonds of hearts just to start with somethings im studying wicca too see what god left behind or if it was god at all that planned the wiccans or if they really are evil or just looking into what was left behind for us the vatican should release those banned books as they call them for all to study but i guess they would figure out too much about heaven and hell for the pope and his people to be satisfied so lets bribe the pope and get some real books out there ;) well hope u all remain in the love and light thx for all

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np mates hope u make ur quests that u have been assigned to crystals

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