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Last night I stumbled upon this site, my name is Christophe and (for now) I live in Belgium were I was born in 1968.

My interest lie in finding likeminded persons in order to share thoughts and experiences which are in relation to Oneness and enlightenment, so one can say I`m into spirituality.

I woke up in May 2001, while fell back into my old self 4 months later soon after the sad event of 9/11 took place.

I will write and post some more about myself and the above upon my page soon, happy to be around and looking forward in reading your blogs and discussions.

Greetings Christophe,

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I am new here too, Christophe. Hope to hear more from you. Love and Light.

It is a distinct pleasure for me to welcome you both here. I'm looking forward to your contributions and our conversations and discussions on the many multi-disciplinary matters that are certain to follow.

Ofte simpelweg gezegd: welkom.

Soit dite simplement: bonjour.
Welcome :)

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