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Hello my name is Rick and was introduced to this community through a mutual friend as I seek similar things to what this represents. I have done a lot of studies in many different areas and am looking for mentors as I grow and seek myself and the truth.

More background on me. I have heritage as Native Americans, and Gypsy. Growing up have been drawn to certain sources of energy, dated a high level 32 degree Mason's Granddaughter (wore the ring as protection). Was left in a will an enharatance of a local Magician who was part of the Invisible Society, still have the pen and various other objects/papers. Won chess tournaments at various Masonic Temple's growing up which was interesting. Precognitive Dreams(which runs in the family). Remote viewing experience and taken the Voyager Course found online.(Have been able to connect and travel only when a strong connection with an individual is present) My father was very connected to Tarot readings and experienced Voodoo in Brazil while traveling but will no longer talks about it after marrying my mother. I also very deeply connected to Meditation in which I have a constructed temple in which I use for my Remote Viewing, Centering and information retrieval (from a grand book?). Also have a hallway with doors and numbers that I have assigned to people for remote viewing.

Shew, :). I am also a very prominent Business Person and finishing my MBA this year. I have a connection with numbers and interested in Fractals and various other programming/creation works.

Also been experimenting with Trance Music to complement my meditation. Taken my experiences to a whole new level. I am a a very auditory person and Alpha/Delta/Theta Beats really effect me. Anyone suggest any good Trance Artist that they have used, no vocals just beats? Also been using trance dance/energy ball meditation. Anyone know where this originates or has utilized this?

Also I am a seeker of knowledge. I like to view and judge from my own Jar. I am open to perspectives of how to grow as I advance myself and seek it.

Overall glad to be a part of the community.

Also does anyone know the origins of this band:


I feel very connected to this type of music.

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