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Hi, my names Tamara.
I found this site through a google search on kundalini.
I have many spiritual interests, including energy use and chakras. I have been doing kundalini yoga for the last 6 months and have found this has really tested me.

I have also been into sex magick for the last year... This has really done alot for me, and i recommend it to everyone, although it can be a little open - especially if you are shy at all... you wont be for long!

Im interested in channeling and psychic readings, my mother is a psychic of sorts, and so i have been around this stuff ever since i was young. I am interested in sharing experiences and accellerating our enlightenment and ascension.

Speak with you all soon.

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Hello Tamara, welcome here sis. Happy to have ya!
Welcome to Saviors of Earth Tamara.

May you find what you seek and share what you wish.

Greetings from the cold norths of Norway.

Be in joy.
Thankyou all for your warm welcomes!
Great to be here!

Not a problem! Tsionics really sounds quite interesting...

Sex magick has been great to me :P It has really changed my life for the better, i have been able to fold astral into physical and cause effects physically multiple times and it has really improved my vibration and mental states.

Enochian? Isnt that using the enochian watchtowers... and the Ameth symbol?
I was a part of a ritual one time when i was younger and i think it was an enochian one.. however i havent done any since then ... and i certainly havent mixed them! Im interested now :) Hurry up and release stuff on the Tsionics group page! hehe

Love n Kisses!
xx xx

Walcome Home lovely friend :):):)
hello, hope u find some more info from the people here.

greetings Zetax

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