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I had just joined yesterday and was fascinated by all the information this site has. I love learning. It is to help me grow more and to understand more about the Universe.

A bit about me: Been into the unknown for a long time. You could say I started at a young age. I remember writing a story about a planet with 2 moons at a young age, You know, when you are in school and the teacher wants you to write a story.(Can't remember if it was in 2nd grade or 3rd grade) And when the teacher read it she made a comment to my parents that I had a very vivid imagination. I wish I had kept the notebook. Even as a young child I had dreams about UFO's crashing and often remember trying to find the aliens, to help them. Boy the dreams I had! Always remembered them as they were so intense and so real.
Even had an imaginary friend, she was with me for a long time. And the day she told me she had to leave, that it was time for her to go, I was so sad. And I remembered crying.
As I grew older I found myself getting into science fiction and fantasy. Never role played. Was very leery at that. Started Astral Traveling as well. Started to know things that I shouldn't have known. Kids were afraid of me. They called me a witch at times or just said that I was really weird. So I started to keep things to myself. I was able to talk to my mom about a few things. Did find out that in our family (on my mothers side) that there is Shaman and Druid blood in us. Quite a mixture.
I am also into astronomy. I love the stars and the Universe. I feel so at peace when gazing into the night sky. Love crystals as well. I still think of them as some form of Entity as I feel so much energy from them. We still have a lot to learn from crystals. Crystal implants? Often wonder about that. Often wonder about black holes too, as I still believe it is a form of a portal.
As you can see, I revealed quite a bit of myself. Not a whole lot but enough to give you some insight about me. There are so many more experiences that I have had. Maybe I will talk about them one day, but until then I think its enough. Don't want to bore you all hehe

Love and Light

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hello and welcome! :)
hellloooo Starsue!!...Welcome to SoE!...have fun here :)...Enjoy your stay! :)
Hi Starsue, glad to have you here. It is quite an amazing story you have. Look forward to hear from your other experiences. It is good to share because other people can recgonize them selves in others stories.

Wish you lot of love and light. Until then.

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