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Does anyone know anything about Chakras? A friend at work had an interesting conversation today. We had spoken about some spiritual things in this past week, and she opens up to me more and more about things relating to this. She is the only person not online I have spoken to about this kind of thing. I feel like I can trust her, and I have known her for several years. I find her very intersting and she makes me smile. She told me that she prays and sees things, or sees things and prays, not sure which. I am not able to do anything like this, even though I am trying. I was told that she saw a large dark mass on my heart chakra. She said that she tried to move it but could only budge it a little. I had no advanced knowledge that she was going to even 'look' at me, nor did I know she could. She asked me if I had felt anything sunday night (maybe it was saturday) .. I had not, but I am not that in touch with myself unless I am really trying to be. The thing that makes me nervous is, is that she seemed worried about it. Can anyone offer any feedback as to what this means? Anyone offer any assistance? Please let me know. Love and Light to You.

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From what I know, this is a block that can be removed with Chakra clearing. There are many books and CDs available to do this; however, if you were feeling any physical problems in the chest area, you might need to see a doctor.

Hopefully, the Chakra clearing meditation will do the trick. Maybe your friend has a CD you can borrow. After you use it, she can check your heart Chakra again.

Hope this helps.
I've been working a bit with chakras for a while, was introduced to a channel, and the teachers would clean, balance and realign our chakras (2 chakras per day 3 days in a row to do the 6 chakras)..
The heart chakra was my problem too.. Teachers said I needed love but especialy from myself, and it was true.. This chakra has pretty much something to do with self-confidance, self-respect, and love. The problem was in my case the lack of love. I didnt love or like myself, and wanted people to love me to fill the gap. I wasnt event able to say "no" when people asked for something thinking if I say no theyre not going to like me.. At some point there are things that other people cannot do at your place, like in my case, they could clean realign rebalance whatever, it help and kinda felt "enlighten" for a while but I would eventually come back to the same point, like they could remove the clouds but theyd eventualy come back.. The thing is I had to learn to respect myself, had to figure out I was worth it, and be able to love myself etc.. (still working on it)

Your friend here seems to be seeing things. The part I didnt like though is that she tryed to heal you without telling you or asking you first, allthough she obviously did after.. "She asked me if I had felt anything sunday night" Maybe she was talking about was "remote healing"..

Personaly, Im not very psychic or familiar with anything they can see or feel in auras. I would say its, either you created the block for some subcoucious reasons but for your own good, as a protection. in this case your subcoucious would not allow your friend to remove it..
Or more probably comming from a relationship with someone, or something from the past that is over but that you havent done peace with, like something big you havent been able to accept.. like a stuck emotion..

Also If you can find a better understanding of auras, chakra and healing prior to ask her to try again, this way, since you have a better idea of whats going on and since you ask for it, it should give a better response. Once someone asked jesus "why dont you heal all those people?" and Jesus replied, "I can only heal those who ask me", meaning that the person needing help is part of the solution, its not just the healers job..

I sugest you find some reading on heart chakra (Fourth Chakra) with a definition for balanced and unbalanced chakras (using google for instance), and read about auras as well. It wont solve the problem but can help you figure out whats wrong with you now, so you know what your working with..

Peace to your heart.
Thank you all for the help. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I will do my best and use the information provided. I am deeply thankful to you all. If anyone else cares to add anything, please feel free. I also opened myself up to any healing by members of this group and all beings and people of light, the night I posted.
My friend had a nice list written out today for me. There were some things I could try and she had also photocopied some pages from a book she is reading for me to read as well. She even went out of her way to show me what she saw with a paper cutout heart and a black coffee coaster and a lamp. She said that I should work on removing the block before I focus any energy there. She was worried that doing so may push the object deeper. I must say, she seemed to think that this covered the majority if not all of my chakra and light could not get through. I've never been one to back down from anything, so it looks like I have some work to do. I have prayed for all of you to Archangel Michael to bless you and keep you and watch over you with love and light. Again, my thanks.

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