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Hey everyone. I seem to be going through something new, something i wonder if you know about or have experienced. It seems at night, im always up late cos im a student but especially between 2am till i go bed, i seem to hear a pretty much constant high pitch frequency. Its barly noticable cos its right at the top of my audible range, but its there...
I think the best way to describe it is like the sound of a high pitch pest repellent. i thought it might be my computer, but i hear it in bed when its off.
A few weeks ago i mentioned that i started seeing energy flows or something with my eyes closed at night so i was wondering if this is maybe related. I don't think this is a bad thing i would just like to know more about it i guess. your help is always loved :)

Thx :)

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hey thx for your replies everyone.

here is my thoughts on what people have said.

I dont think its tinitus, my dad has it and his description sounds different to what i hear. I too thought it could be electrical, but there is nothing new in my room, and i hear it when everything is off, it dosnt come from any direction, its in my head!
I think its interesting what Golden K says about my higher self wanting to contact me. I have, over the last month or two sent out that intention, to do just that, connect with my higher self, so its kinda reassuring to think it could be that, i just dont know really how to focus/ communicate with it if so.
The use of HAARP did cross my mind, like they are HAARPooing us at night with bad frequencies lol (doubtful though lol)

Last night i tried focusing on the frequency, i got a nice rush when i did, so its still very intriguing!
hey Aaron, do u make out clear words? i read some time ago about hallucinating sounds. its quite normal and perhaps a part of expanded mind beyond what we really understand.
They aren't hallucinations i believe are other peoples voices and thoughts, some words i can make out and some i can't, it's almost like having a cell phone up to your ear and you hear a person or persons on the other end having a conversation and it doesn't happen all the time, it's only happen to me a few times. It has to be my mind expanding that is the only explanation.

That ringing in your ear is White noise or what you hear before white noise. The next time i hear it i'm going to just allow it to be instead of trying so hard to listen.

It is also could be your higher self to, but i'm not sure of that.
Hey Bishop and Everyone!

I thought this post can help you in your question, in this vid explains what i told you Bishop . Hope this bring you light.
I think the best thing to do when something 'not usual' happens to us is to find a reason why it is happening. These 'signs' may be due to different reasons. In this case it may be a physical problem i.e a problem with the ears. If you get checked and be sure it is not something physical, then follow your heart...and see what it says.
Yeah this happens to me too, but no so much anymore. I mainly hear like electrical devices now that do the high pitch squealing which i find annoying at times lol. I used to about 9 years ago have the coming and going high pitch sounds, I didn't really know what it was, I thought it was just me having some kind of ear problem. But of course I was like 11 at the time so yeah lol.

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