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I was looking for Nickolas latest post "Lightworkers don't do anything" (or something like this) and it's nowhere to be found. It looks like he deleted his account. It is a pity that he felt he needed to do that because he disagrees with some stuff here. I hope he comes back.

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He may have...

Hi Nickolas!

paTricia T. said:

I'm sure he has more than one account....:o)

Hi Simmy, no he didn't delete it, I suspended him.


I give a lot of leeway but his last few posts in the thread (which you may have missed) totally trod on the " your opinions, perspectives and dialogues to that of respectability" aspect for which all members signed up to abide by, it is rarely enforced as we all know but he overstepped the tolerances.

I understand Tony. I didn't read his last posts but I agree that one thing is to have an opinion and another, completely different, is to be disrespectful to others.

PT is absolutely right! No one should feel guilty for anything. We were just expressing our opinions while still being respectful. If he crossed that line he needs time to think about it.

i think a little time out to think and reflect will serve him well :)
It's really strange how one person can activate the pain body in so many people. I can't believe how reactive I became due to the post.

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