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Has anyone else noticed how large the moon is tonight???

Hi all,

Im in Hertfordshire England and have just looked out my bedroom window and the moon is huge!!! the biggest i have ever seen it!! It is full and has a lovely golden colour to it with a distinct golden aura too.
Im really frustrated because i cant take any decent pics or vids to show just how amazing the moon looks tonight.

Is there anyone else here who can see this too? and why does it appear as large as it is, is it getting closer to the earth?



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half moon is the best time for pictures and telescope viewing

Simmy said:
I've seen the full Moon last night and it was truly beautiful!
I can usually take good pictures if the Moon (with details and shadows), but I've tried yesterday with no success. It was too bright for my camera.
i am not familiar with what blossom said concerning this, can you paraphrase or maybe have a link? thanks

Scootiep said:
Hi DanBal,

Yes you are correct it was very low in the horizon so this may explain it, but even so i have never seen it this large and it was golden in colour not white so i think blossoms channel is correct. Also noticed how quick it was rising too.


DanBal said:
when the moon is on the horizon it is an optical illusion created by the curvature in the earth to make the moon appear larger, as it rises into the sky it assumes "normal" size
that is what i was taught in astronomy class

was it on the horizon when you were viewing? if not... then your guess is as good as mine my friend

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