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I am aware that today our friend here Pleiadian Agenda is one year older lol and wanted to share this with you - ok he agrees! hahaha - and lets bring more joy to him!

Happy Birthday! PA spacemonkey!

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Happy birthday PA .. :) .. take care man .. love ..
happy birthday PA!
PA, you old dog you!!!!

Kept that quiet sweetheart.

Love ya loads, huggles and lots of them

Torz xxxxxx
PA, you old dog you!!!! hahaha
Hippy Earth Day, you kept that quiet....

Love and lots of huggles
Torz xxxxx
Hwy where did my other ME come from????
Parabens :)
Have a cool Day !

Happy Birthday ! Pleiadian A.
Some people like Santa shit in their stockings.He's gotta go some where after all those millions of milk & cookies.Others prefer Rudolph Shit.HEY PA HAPPY B-DAY.Saw your new personal-pics what a Dapper long haired Dude you is.Hope you liked Ludwig.Im in arizona with family over the next few and will be back Mon.Until then Merry Xmas Happy holidays & Happy Birthday my friend.Hari-H88
Happy Birthday oh fearless leader... Wish for you an extraordinary day :)

*hides my stocking* I'm notta some people lol
Happy Birthday PA, sending you love and light dear friend...
Happy Birthday!

He is not a year older my friends!!!
He just god one more year of wisdom !!!

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