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Hello all you lovely people,

Just a short note to inform you that I have handed ownership of SoE to Besimi.

Personal circumstances are behind the decision to do so as well as the certainty that in the hands of Besimi the site will be safe.

It has been a pleasure and priveledge to facilitate the site for a number of years and keep it free for all to use, I have offered Besimi continuous support in the role of admin.

I will ofcourse remain a member and enjoy the varied selection of posts.

@Besimi, thank you for taking on this resposibility.



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thank you tony for having given us the opportunity to share on soe the things we felt we needed to.

love you and take care.


of course the site will be safe in besimi's hands.

if not, i'll be knocking on your door :) ..... just kidding

:) Sweet Love to All members <3    :) .
.... Keep on Being The Best You Are and enjoying SOE as usual Dear friends,:)
 ...nothing much has changed ,as we still have Tony around as an administrator anyway. 
- Wishing You All The Best ,as always . NAMASTE & Much Love . :) :) :)

thank you


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