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NASA image of ghostly blue cloud Resembles giant hand stretching Recalls picture of "eye of God" WE'VE already seen pictures of his eye ... now we have the first image of the hand of God. A ghostly blue cloud seems to form an outstretched thumb and fingers grasping a ball of fire. The amazing image was taken by NASA's Chandra X-ray observatory, which is orbiting 580km above the Earth. It recalls pictures of the Helix planetary nebula, with its blue centre surrounded by white clouds which earned it the nickname "the eye of God". The hand was created when a star exploded in a supernova, creating a rapidly spinning 20km-wide star called a pulsar, which is deep inside the white blob at the hand's wrist. The pulsar is spewing out enormous amounts of electromagnetic energy, creating a dust and gas cloud so wide it would take 150 years to cross at the speed of light. 
The red disc is a separate gas cloud. The fingers are thought to have been created as energy passed from the pulsar to the gas cloud. NASA scientists estimated the moment depicted here actually happened 17,000 years ago. It has taken since then for the X-rays to reach Earth. 

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If you highlight beneath the pic you can read what it says. There wasn't any way to change the ink options. Sorry.
Oh, my goodness! It does look like a hand!!!
an amazing pic!
amazing pic indeed :)
..thnx sweet Lea.Namaste.
You're most welcome. I just love this stuff. :>)
You know what really makes me wonder if or not this is the real deal? Recall hearing about the military project blue-beam? When you think about it, everything they've been spraying in the atmosphere, except for the Barium and Sulfur Dioxide, has reflective properties...magnesium, copper, aluminum, the mylar shred and the glass chards, all refract light. Sulfur Dioxide is a 'gas'...the same gas that is given off when a volcano erupts. It also leaches oxygen out of the air, which is why people die.

When using HAARP, that's 1 million watts of power they're projecting into the Ionosphere to heat it, (which is an idiotic move on their part) has a beam that reaches 12 miles across. There are now MANY HAARP facilities being used around the globe. They're calling the lightest point a is a pulsar. However, if you look at the way the Iceland volcano erupted, with lightening emitting from the vortex, think about what the possibilities are of THEM, meaning military using HAARP creating this.

Blue Beam is meant to project images into the atmosphere of all the ancient teachers, including Jesus, Buddha and so forth, so that people believe they are returning. These will be 'speaking images' that will guide and direct people. Each person will be able to hear them in their own language, and we do have these capabilities. And, with them using HAARP for mind control, imagine them invading our minds, as though the teachers are 'speaking to us'.

The article also states that the hand is emitting electro-magnetic energy. The EME waves produced by HAARP is what is affecting the earth's imbalance right now, and it's changing too soon. Yes, we are at the end of a 26,000 year cycle in which the earth axis is tilting the opposite way. However, by using HAARP to create the quakes and volcanic eruptions, their intention is to try and STOP THE TILT. As we move toward 2012 the members of the elite and the NWO KNOW that what is to transpire is a 'spiritual awakening' of mankind, and that everyone will finally learn the truth about who and what we are. THEY don't want this to happen. Blue beam is to capture by mind control, lead the flocks astray and then mass deaths. the back of my mind, because this was released by NASA's truly an odd coincidence, don't you think? They also stated that this event 'actually happened 17,000 years ago.' My, my...aren't they the clever ones. They truly know the 'precise time'? How very interesting. And they also said the red disk in the back is supposed to be 'seperate gas cloud. If you take a look at it, it looks more like a very, large UFO. At only 580 km above the earth...that's darn close, wouldn't you say? Just food for thought folks.

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