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I'm so happy to have found you. I'm Elshara and feel blessed to get to know so many beautiful beings on this planet helping to raise both the awareness and vibration to a state of universal consciousness, I feel. I wish to share with you a part of such a change I have co-created and feel the time for experiences and humanity and others come together to help each other grow.

I am going to share a quick blessing to help you if you need a bit of healing, encouragement or find in some way you are struggling. Blessed be you, for those who give life receive its unconditional love in return, and be protected by all forms of guidance, enlightenment and truth in spirit to awaken and explore the universe around us. May all who find these feelings of love helpful be in joy and beauty, together we create, grow and inspire a great place to call home.

Although I feel my essence or energy is not from here, I wish to be of use and feel such services should always be free, welcoming and pure. Blessings of peace and the violet flame come to us now and be our force of strength and unity for all that may rest in peace in heaven be brought to Earth in love and best wishes.

Sincerely, a member of the cosmic family.

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thank You Elshara :) <3

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