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That is the biggest advertising you can get hey!!!
I am rarely vulgar but fuck HISTORY CHANNEL! ENOUGH SAID damn stupid crap ! nothing to get excited about..
Google does this sort of thing for everything ranging form new years to Descartes birthday...... I'm not very surprised.
Kha kha kha kha. Aaaaaaa aaaa aaaa. Total, absolute, unudulterated, most complete bulcrap!! What's wrong with these people? Ok I think they know that we are all waiting with bated breath for Nesara ANNOUNCEMENT so they are making a copy to divert attention so our minds can stop creating that situation. They know that if they can divert our minds from creating an announcement, then it takes longer and longer. Fu!!
new world new lies the illuminate came from that foossil , I m the image of god it is satan illuminate that wants to show that image is stupid and that is hes battle with humans ..
Well think of it this way. We are the lucky ones guys cause we are not gonna be the ones really effected as it confirms for us just more of the old and manipulation. But those with seriouse belief systems, such as "Christianity" are gonna get slammed harder than anyone. Honestly I have no belief in that belief system but I feel sorry for those who are gonna get slammed so hard. Quess it had to happen sometime. Guys our collective consciousness is not ready for the truth. The infinate univursal knowledge is not ready to be brought to our tiny planet of "APES" just jks..... :-).

But hopefully soon when we push our potentials we have such as our 6 sense more we will understand the univurse more as well. I feel that soon once the collective is ready to be open to new ideas and are actually willing to have an open mind then the ball will start to roll. Untill then its gonna get exciting. As Balsac said become an observer. Don't frontline your self. Cause if you do you will get shot. Work on your self and your friends and family. Anybody that is open. Do not waste energy on people that are not ready or do not believe in your understandings.

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