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Hello Dear Friends. I am leaving this community as I have been directed by the council. They ask for you to keep your hearts open and not be so skeptical. There are certain things that are here to mislead you and I cannot say who they. I will look for another community and after your 2012 is finished maybe I come back here to discuss the path again. Much love to you.

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Dearest LilBunnyFufu

I regret that you leave. But I wish you good luck and lots of love to your life. I like your way of thinking so clear so understandable .... you will allways stay in my mind, hugs and a big big kiss for you...
Bye dear sister stay in the light... and stay the person you are today, you are a wonderful woman with a lot of wisdom!!
try not to get bopped on the head, kay.
Byeeeeeeee bunnyyyyyy!, i wish you best of all !.....:)...:)....Remember that we are a Big team.......:) :).....Support each one you see in your path......Take care.....and very important......HAVE FUN!.......:).....expect to see you more knowledgeable and funnier when you came back.....:) :)

Air Kisses and hugs to you!... :) :) :)
I can only see your words that inspired me I dont remember anything at all that could ever bother me...Believe in yourself and always take the road that is your own to being happy...

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