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Here is a decree to Goddess Fortuna for help with Finances.The Decree is at the bottom of this information page...............................................................................................................................

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Posted By: donQuixote102
Date: Friday, 25 January 2008, 5:06 a.m. Dear Hearts of Light,

This is a follow-up message to Rayelan's post from Tuesday, January 22, 2008 linked here:

She's a bit under the weather right now so she sent me this below and asked me to post it for her on behalf of a friend and reader of this forum.

This message suggests a simple ritual that we ALL could use to help shatter the ancient curse upon the good people of this planet that prevents us from manifesting abundance. I've heard that some people think such things as a curse are superstition, are unreal.

I say, let them have their delusions. Thoughts are things: we create out of what we think, and say, and do!

And so a VERY long time ago (many millions of years ago, in fact) those who work for the dark side of life, invoked this curse upon all Children of God - we the Lightbearers on Earth, to TRY to ensure our downfall, to ensure that we would never discover our true inner reality and be unable to bring forth in our lives all the material abundance we would require to fulfill our life's mission, our Divine purpose in each of our many lifetimes.

Some may note that it seems that not all people are affected by that curse. How true it is! Some HAVE been able to sustain a positive momentum from past embodiments in producing abundance in their lives, but they are relatively few in number, are they not? Those who live hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck, and worse, are far greater in number. They live beneath the underpasses in our cities and forage for morsels in garbage dumps all across the world. Its their karma, some would say. And that may be as well. However, were we all out from under the burden of this particular curse, this dense negative energy band, there might be far fewer among us struggling to feed themselves and their families, and trying to keep a roof over their heads. Consider our own agent, Never Surrender, and her struggles this very week!

You will certainly not know the benefits of this short ritual if you don't do it. Try it for 33 days without fail! You might be surprised at the results!

Light's blessings,

Dear Rayelan,

Here is the decree given by Fortuna, Goddess of Supply and Abundance, during last Monday night’s Hearts Center-Meru University conference call class. There are approximately 70 of us on the call each Monday night.

This decree is “our collective prayer to manifest Divine Alchemy and Abundance,” she said. “It is an Emerald Crystal fohat prayer, a fohatic abundance call, for yourself and your projects, your families, and the economies of the nations.” She offered it in rhyme so as to be more easily memorized.

She offered this decree, this prayer, in answer to the request by one of those on the call for such a decree to help us shatter the curse upon the Lightbearers, the Children of God, that prevents us from manifesting money and abundance in our lives. In many cases, as you noted previously, many of us have been terribly burdened by the lack of Supply. Though Divine Abundance includes much more than money, it is the manifestation of good ol’ fashioned money that will aid many in the fulfillment of their life purpose.

This woman, who goes by the name Fortuna, is now One with God, and she had such an incredible momentum on the manifestation, the bringing forth in her life and in the lives of those around her, wealth and abundance, and in teaching this process to others, that after her ascension she was accorded the title of Goddess of Supply. She works closely with the God of Gold, who at inner levels in the Earth actually precipitates metallic gold directly into the physical earth using sunlight, without which the vibration of the Earth would be so much lower than it is at present. And so gold is, in reality, precipitated and condensed sunlight. If you have not done so, you may wish to read about the God of Gold in “The Magic Presence” by Godfre Ray King (Guy Ballard’s pen name – now the Ascended Master Godfre) published by the I AM Activity of The Saint Germain Foundation in the 1930s.

Fortuna strongly recommends that for this decree to have its greatest effect, its maximum impact, in shattering that curse, we should speak it out loud thirty-three times every day for thirty-three days. There is a powerful alchemy in this ritual that will transform the lives of those who do so, and as their lives are transformed, so will this planet be transformed. It will only take about 15 to 20 minutes to speak (depending of how fast you speak it), to repeat, this prayer 33 times. I encourage every one who now knows about this to do so, to make the commitment to bring about this transformation. Twenty minutes is nothing compared to the time many of us waste in less productive pursuits every day.

We know that the tools of the dark forces engage in their negative and dark rituals to enslave us, so why do not we, the Lightbearers, counter those actions with our own personal and more positive rituals! This is one such more positive ritual! Begin tomorrow!

I felt a tremendous surge of Light energy begin to flow through me as this prayer/decree was spoken. I was shown at inner levels during that dictation that each of us on the call were being used as electrodes in the Earth to begin the thinning and the removing of this dense negative energy band.

As I have suggested in the past, when we pray for something that we wish to manifest into the physical plane, we should speak our prayer thereby creating a physical vibration with our larynx. Mental prayers will manifest too, but, of course, much more slowly. Usually, when we project upon the cosmic mirror the item we wish to have in our life, the cosmic mirror will reflect it back to us. In the present case, we must first remove a dense, silvery black energy band that pretty much prevents the cosmic mirror from reflecting back to us our rightful abundance, a portion of our Divine Inheritance, you might say.

While offering this prayer and to magnify its impact, we should also use our third eye, our inner sight, to envision and to see that band of negative energy being shattered, removed, no longer there.

As Patricia Diane Cota-Robles noted, a prayer for something is far more effective when everyone uses the same words.

Additionally, the power of a particular prayer is multiplied by the square of the number of those speaking it during each twenty-four hours.

I suggest copying and pasting this prayer into notepad or a word document for easy printing.

By the Power of the One,
And of the Great Central Sun,
Let all Darkness now be done,
O Lord, I pray this day.

Shatter now the veils of night,
As our souls with Thee take flight.
Let abundance now be ours,
By your sacred Emerald Powers.

Pierce the Darkness now, O Lord,
As we hear your Holy Word.
Grateful are we now to Thee,
In this sacred alchemy.

Blaze O Fire of Emerald Ray,
Your abundance ours today.
Golden Chalice now we raise,
As your I AM name we praise.

God of Gold come forth this hour.
Blaze precipitation’s power.
We lay claim to Heaven’s Light.
Victory now is ours so bright.

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