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GFL Twin Flame (Triple Flame) and Twin Ray Transmissions

GFL Twin Flame (Triple Flame) and Twin Ray Transmissions
downloaded from the GFL, Nov 21, 2016

JTariah En Ra El ---- -- -- Senior Discounts and Single Parent Discounts

Many galactic Beings from Higher Dimensions are getting educated to begin Earth life with their divine counterparts!
Right now tens of thousands of Twin Flames -- spiritual mirrors to Beings on Earth -- are now training in the North Pole, in the underwater city of the Bermuda Triangle, and upon the dark side of the moon (base). All three of these locations are Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) training and operations areas.

All three of these areas include many schools, including the academies specific for individuals training for Ascended Earth Life upon 5D+ Mother Earth Gaia. 

If you are to meet your Twin Flame -- or the other two individuals in your Triplet Flame group -- upon Mother Earth Gaia, the chances are great that he or her (or a him and a her) will be arriving from the ships (and the planets) of the Higher Dimensions.

Here is what your divine true Twin or Triplet (TF) counterparts are training for, via the GFL, before they are given clearance to land:

-- Earthling Emotiional Comprehension

-- Navigation of TF Issues

-- Self Care of the Body

-- Physicality in Nature

-- Body Language Upon Gaia
Urgent Walk-In and Braid-In Note

The vast majority of Walk-Ins and some of the Braid-Ins, will be meeting their TFs aboard their ship. All of those who are Walk-Ins, and about 50% of Braid-Ins, will be cultivating their TF relationship onboard, and not upon Gaia. Also, those who have GRADUATED from thier Twin Flame relationships, and are permanently joining with their Twin Rays, will also be cultivating their relationships aboard their ships.  If YOU are in these categorical groups, this is what YOU ARE ALREADY TRAINING IN, aboard the ships at night, including these GFL classes:

-- GFL Contracts and Expectations

-- Spiritual Bootcamp for GFL Members (with daytime lessons)

-- Career Choices in the GFL

-- Sirian Language School (Lingua Franca of the GFL)

-- The Language of Light

...and more!

Please stay as calm and grounded as possible. When in doubt, speak outloud to your TF -- and listen intently -- for further instructions! 

Stay attuned into the NOW with all of your psychic faculties for further instructions. Focus, focus, focus! And hold on tight for the re-unification of  your soul, plus reunion with your Twin Flame and star family! 5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1… BLAST OFF!

About the Author:
J’Tariah EnRa El is a Chloglian (also mistakenly called "dolphin') Hybrid Walk-In from Lyra and the Sirian-Pleiadian sectors. She has spent eons working with the Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance and Sirian Peacekeeping Forces. Every night during lucid dreaming and astral projection, she is within the ships above with her Twin Flame. She is a mother, published poet, author, and artist.  Her Lightworking includes being a PR specialist for Sananda’s Eagles:, and healing many Lightworkers and Starseeds with her three healing companies. Email for affordable healing.

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You are free to distribute this essay only if you do  so in its entirety, including the article and graphics plus the “about the  author” bio with the article links. Thank you and enjoy your new Freedom. This writing is NOT copy written.


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