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Get in we are ready to go, it can begin - Archangel Raphael trough M. Gamma ~

Get in we are ready to go, it can begin - Archangel Raphael trough M. Gamma ~

Translated on the 24.05.2013, original language German)

Today we will continue with the topic healing for humanity and Earth which is to happen now.

You are finally close to the finish line d I mean very close. Get ready to receive the wonders of our Creator. Get ready to see the wonders in the sky which he will “draw”.

There will be pictures of incredible beauty and we the angles, archangels and others don’t know exactly what is awaiting us. It shall also be a surprise for us and that is a good thing. For God, our heavenly Creator, we are all equal.

I will tell you now, who is on the other side of this message. He doesn’t like it, because he thinks it will call forth enviers and those who want to slander him.

Well, so he must expect and it is optional for him to publish the message or not. Everything is voluntary. You have free will on earth, and we respect that wholeheartedly.

Our scribe is a Elohim. A Elohim is responsible for a whole universe not to make it too complicated to explain. But he is not responsible for this universe, there are many more universes that have not been explained by your science.

But he will play a crucial role in the ascension of the earth and humanity and he is already aware of this for some time. He had to digest a lot and this is certainly not an easy thing, if we assume that you are all captured in this limited body and mind.

Either way you will see him in action, if you believe or not. From our point of view it’s not relevant if you think this is true, because the divine plan will be carried out anyway. I hope and I’m counting on you, because he will need your support in the ascension process of earth and humanity.

This is something he knows and will make him very happy.
Now we come to more information which does not relate to this channel. Unless you want to know more (chuckles).

As we have told you for several messages, we are approaching the turning point. The turning point will be reached this weekend. Yes, you heard right. This turning point is this weekend and it’s finally time that you are rewarded for your patience.

It may start and it will start. It is now finally time that you can clearly see who is at the helm here. It is not an elite and powerful money-grabbing force but a loving, caring and light full power at work. This power lies within you my dear humans.

It is the power that has enabled the beginning of the ascension. You are the one that made this possible, this is something you have to be aware, my beloved humans on earth.
I will accompany and lead you with many other light beings on this journey to the light.

Asks for our help and you will be helped. You are never alone in this endeavor, that lies ahead of you. Be ready to receive the wonders of our Creator, be ready to discover the wonders of yourself, as it is now time that you recognize and use them again.

These miracles that are waiting for you, are of such incredible beauty that you will be close to tears. They will envelop you and the clouds will carry you away my beloved ones here on earth. Be ready, be ready, now it can finally begin.

Your Archangel Raphael
Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.


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Thank you so much for posting this.  I love this message!

Energy Update - 25 May Eclipse - Multidimensional Ocean and SaLuSa by Laura

May marks an important change for many of us on a personal and on a planetary level. Many of us can feel unsettled, uncertain about the future, and feel the veil of the unknown in a more oppressing way than at any recent times.

There is a sense of darkness and fear about as well due to the unsettled world events impacting our daily lives.

Extra meditation is required at this time to help the higher-self connection and to find grounding.

Find quiet place for you to rest at regular times during the day, make sure to have extra rest, and watch the quality of your food intake as well.


Important world events are around the corner

These world events have been long into preparing and we have seen some of the results manifest already concerning the willingness to spread truth and a fair system for every Earth soul. Now it seems that the energy of the eclipse is stealing our recent positivity and creating many doubts.

More good news are in the making and the light will carry out an amazing victory provided we can work in peace, and in agreement. Events are slowing down now due to the eclipse influencing most souls on Mother Earth. This is a time to come with in for most of us, to confront our own shadows, which is never comfortable. As a result the entire outlook seems darker and uncertain.

Many of you have come to realize that the outer events are of little consequence to your own wellbeing; however there are still events where you must make your voice heard and express yourself in a peaceful manner.


SaLuSa: These are among the most uncertain times for you and for Mother Earth. The inner and outer trembling must be seen, and witnessed in order to move on in a positive direction. There is no point in suppressing what concerns you, or in living in denial. Keep an eye on your inner doubts and fears; acknowledge them, like you would acknowledge an irritating family member. Give it the attention is seeks, the time it seeks, and the light it needs.

Many of you have come together to bring to light the galactic presence during the Citizen’s Hearing, you have spread the news and will gladly continue to do so. There is a sense of the need to come together to make your democratic voice heard, and to no longer submit to the bureaucratic unrealistic ways of politicians.

You need to make it clear that they are your elected representatives and that they must obey to you, not the other way around. The power the hold is due to you, and you can remove that power from them at any time. You will need to set into place such a safety net to remove politicians who are not representing your interests at best. The need for such procedure is felt by many of you.

There is also a need for opening real dialogue with the countries which are currently at war, and to bring an end to war and terrorist’s attacks. It is time to bring an end to the fear of weapons and violence. This also must be taken into account by your representatives. It is time to live at peace with the nations and with your neighbours.

This process of peace keeping should be in your hands, however, there is much propaganda and manipulation to spread hatred of minorities and fear of the unknown. There is no reason for the fear of others; it is a result of feeling apart from one another.


Inner Work

There is a need to rest more, eat healthy, be gentle and kind to yourself, but also to family, friends and pets. We need to take it one step at a time, and learn to live in the moment again. This period requires more meditation and letting go than previous periods, as there is much ending for many of us, which places us into a semi-panic mode.

Changes are good, even if they seem scary at times. Envisage the most positive outcomes always and in all, and do your best to ensure that the wanted results will be reached. Put in the extra time and work to that end is recommended at this time, as there are many delays and unexpected events that can affect you at this time.

SaLuSa: Focus on your inner world, on your inner energy, allow it to blend with your body, and with your higher brain. Allow your feelings to surface also, to have their say. Listen to them through your body, through your chest, but also use discernment.

Many of you live at such a pace, that there is no time for your higher energy to sink in and connect with your ordinary brain waves. This results in a “not knowing” situation on your part. This includes not knowing your own feelings, thoughts and physical needs at a deeper level.

We encourage you to connect with your own emotions regularly throughout the day, and acknowledge them. The path will come to you when you are feeling calm and whole.

Many thanks

SaLuSa and Multidimensional Ocean


Copyright © Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content, including the title, is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included: and


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