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Mutually contradictory.

/If/ the translated letter is real, then U209 was the only Kriegsmarine vessel ever to make it to the center, and from the tone of the original German, I infer they were not inclined to perpetuate the war. They also mention they couldn't return, and the original text implies that this was because it was physically impossible to do so. No means of transmission existed that would have allowed such a map to be made through radio contact alone. On top of that, the only letter from U209 was supposedly received in 1948, long after the Reich had ceased to exist, and long after the imperial eagle symbol was last used.

/If/ the maps are real, then the entire story of U209 is bunk. These maps, if genuine, must have been made between 1943 and 1945, during a time when the Kriegsmarine was suffering horrendous losses and should not have had any boats to spare for such missions.

If anyone can find me a high resolution reproduction of this map, I'll submit it to further scrutiny, but until then I'm going to call this one an amusing diversion at best.

It is in my deepest understanding dear Ullan .. that the REICH is still continued in existence this very day as we are  aware of this topic! The world is ruled by nazism/zionism.. living long enough with the farce  of this so called power ;)   ppl waking up start asking questions.. like u and me ;) Enough is Enough We want Freedom in the completeness of the Word.

FREEDOM For The World    ~*L*~     Great Soul of Light Ullan

namasté Savior :)))

I grow ever more concerned about the authenticity of this 'map' the more I get to see close ups and high resolution scans.

The scale is off to an almost ludicrous degree. Clearly this map was made by someone who knows submarines well, at least well enough to know the basics of submarine navigation. What they fail to grasp is that this map supposedly dates from the 1940's, when the Type IV was the most common U-boat deployed by the Kriegsmarine. I will accept that they might have sent a Type VII sometime in 1944, but this still makes this an impossible map. I'll tell you why.

The scale under the dive schematic is in kilometers. The initial dive and rise stretch is listed as being 500 kilometers long. That is, in itself, not an impossible distance for a Type VII, but after that kind of distance it will need to surface. A Type IV would never make it that far, it would run out of air long beforehand. The second stretch is listed as being well over 1000 kilometers long. No U-boat ever deployed by the Kriegsmarine had a fully submerged autonomy of that distance. This is an almost trivial stretch for modern class subs, but the maker of this particular map (which I believe may very well be an actual submariner) forgot one thing about the U-boat: it did not produce its own oxygen. It spent most of its time on the surface, submerging only to attack. Both the Type IV and the Type VII relied on electric engines for submerged propulsion, surfacing to run their diesel engines to recharge the batteries and refresh the air supplies. They were also incredibly slow when submerged, since the electric engines were not very efficient.

Secondly, the instruction chart (which is in impeccable German but inconsistent with the era) mentions distances only, but not timing. This is rather unusual, since the U-boat did not (contrary to popular belief) carry underwater radar. It relied on accurate charts of the area and timing instructions to avoid submerged collissions. Instructions saying it should travel 150 kilometers at an angle of 20 degrees are useless to a Kriegsmarine submariner, because their speed indication was unreliable at best when submerged, so they would only ever have a rough idea of when they had traveled that distance. This is in stark contrast with the instruction at the top of the chart which states 'These instructions must be followed precisely'.

The balance of probability finds that this chart is not real.

Thx Ullan yes discernment is certain in place here but I think at this time any informatie could relevant or totally rubbish ... here is another article which I highly doubt of its true existence but again discernment is needed here ;)

August 8, 2012

German Spy Reveals Secret US-Hollow Earth Pact For Global Rule


There is, in theory, no reason why the earth cannot be hollow. Test drilling has barely scratched the surface (apologies for unintended pun) of the Earth's composition, and everything we hold to be true is based on presumption and extrapolation.

In defense of the theory of hollow earth, it can be said that if the entrances are near the highest peaks and at the poles, then this would be the only way for produced gasses to be vented.
This assumes that:
1) The Earth is hollow and
2) The process of photosynthesis exists (and there is enough flora for this to be viable) and
3) The population of inner earth breathes oxygen.

This creates a high buildup of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, all of which must be converted into oxygen through photosynthesis. This creates, in turn, waste gasses like nitrogen, argon and presumably methane (this assumes there is a population of animals similar to known Earth). These gasses need to be vented. On the surface, they dissipate into the atmosphere, and reform under the influence of UV radiation. As there is a finite surface area and aperture to any opening into an otherwise enclosed shell, all gasses must be vented through these openings. As the gas produced by a spherical volume and contained therein must perforce exceed the volume of gasses of an ellipsis expelled through a nigh infinite surface area (the atmosphere), this gas is vented under some pressure.
This holds that any gas, compressed and then vented and decompressed rapidly (as it must upon contact with the outer atmosphere) cools rapidly. This would lower the surrounding temperature and create sheets of solid ice. In short, any opening into a hypothetical inner earth must be encrusted with ice, as it vents high pressure gas from the inner pressure vessel.

This is in /defense/ of the theory, because all rumoured openings are in remote, cold and ice encrusted areas.

In fairness, if this turns out to be factual, I would limit my visit to the inner realm to several days at most, because the perpetual daylight of the 'central sun' would drive me insane.

Strange fact: the diurnal rhythm of humans (meaning the cycle of wakefulness and sleep) is 26 hours, and not 24. For a species supposedly native to this planet, we are remarkably ill adapted to its natural environment and rhythms.

Another thing to keep in mind when visiting inner earth: you will not have a horizon. We perceive a 'horizon' because the earth curves away underneath us, and the refracted light we interpret as sight does not 'bend' along that curve. In inner earth, you would perpetually perceive land in the distance, curving slightly up, making you feel as if you're standing in the center of a bowl. This too may drive you slowly insane if you are not prepared for it.

I apologise for this odd meandering ramble, which went from 'Possibly inner earth exists' over the Perfect Gas Principle into 'Inner Earth: a travelers guide'. But I find that if you truly believe something exists, you need to pursue it with all your intellectual capacity, and visualise what it would be like to stand there, look around and breathe the air. In this case, it means thinking out of the box, but into the sphere.

P.S. If anyone has any other maps, drawings, letters or anything of that kind claiming to be of the WWII era and/or claiming to be utterly genuine, I would appreciate high resolution scans. I'm not a sceptic, but I enjoy scrutinising evidence. Some misinformation looks very genuine.

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