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Gang Stalking and Non-Lethal weapons - Paving the way for the NWO

I wanted to bring up something that you all need to know about. It is called Gang Stalking (it has several names). I hope that the faithful that read this message will pray for the people involved and pray for the targets that are harassed. We need more help than you could possibly fathom in your wildest dreams. This is hard for me to bring up, but I'll admit I am a victim of this. I do this in the hope that this will add some validity to my post.

Gang Stalking. Chances are you've never heard of it, it's not allowed to be spoken about in the media, even the police at the lowest levels are commanded to pretend it does not exist. They are told to label the people that bring it up, as mentally unfit. This is not a joke, it is very real, I have seen it and experienced it. Gang Stalking is almost used hand in hand with non lethal weaponry. I believe that this is done to enhance the targets frustration, desperation, and claims that are ‘unbelievable’.

This is hard for me to bring up because the information is dark in nature, and it may affect some of you negatively. Just know that I do this so you can become educated on this very real plague and hopefully help prevent it where you live. It must be done; many innocents are dying not only physically, but spiritually. We need your help, sympathy and prayers.

Gang Stalking is an evil that has permeated every country in the world and will be the foundation for the NWO. It will turn citizens against themselves. The people policing the people. This is being created and exercised right under our noses, and has been prevalent in every dictatorship and communist state the world has known. It is bred at a local level and has support from the most upper levels. Have you ever heard of “Neighborhood Watch” or the “Volunteer Fire Dept”. I bet you have one in your town. These are some of the very foundations that this policing is bred from. Some of the people involved are good people (tricked into fighting ‘evil’ with evil) and they are asked to do such small things, they’d never classify themselves as evil. Unfortunately, the people that perpetrate this crime will do so for nothing more than a pat on the head from an authority figure. Once you grasp the big picture though, your perception will change. People have lost their jobs, have lost most of their friends, their wealth and well being, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This in addition to the electronic torture (which I have felt first hand), it is no surprise why some decide on suicide. I would love to get into more specifics, but there's tons of information in the below links I will provide, everything they talk about I have had done to me ten times over. I have had my license to live taken away, and I have never been questioned or charged in any crime or hinted to as to why this is going on. So don’t think this is limited to criminals, the majority of the victims are law abiding citizens. Please read up, this I BEG of YOU. This is too important to ignore; lives depend on it.

I personally know for fact, that this is present in North America and Europe and much of South America. I am a victim of this, a 10+ year victim. I have seen almost every aspect. These people have followed me all over the world. They have made it clear that they will not relent until I am dead, locked up or in an insane asylum. My faith has kept me. It has lead me to groups like this one. In god's name I pray that they do not break me. But please, do not feel bad for me, this is not a cry for personal sympathy. I took this mission on before I came here; through this torture I have regained some of my memories of my life before coming here. I remember my communications with my guardians. I signed up for this full well and knowing how I would be treated and hated, before I came here. I actually am able to remember the communication, the warnings that came with my decision. And, as twisted as it sounds, if I had not been compressed like I have, I would not be the diamond that I am. I would not have awakened the way that I did. I would not have remembered that I am an eternal spirit living a human experience. I am in debt to these perpetrators. How's that for irony? Aww shit, I'm crying now. Man, this has been a tough road, but we all must walk through our darkness and fire. You all are the first people that I have told; you will not be the last. It is time, so it seems.
Anyways, the victims of this assault are in very rough shape. They’ll never get their day in court, they will never get a newspaper report written about their situation, or see justice of those involved being taken away on the 6 o’clock news. The people responsible will never have to explain themselves to the police or to a jury. Most take great pride in what they do. That is part of the brilliance that is Gang Stalking.

The victims that don't know what is happening to them are in much worse shape than I. They just don’t know what is happening; they cannot imagine why thousands of people would target them. Many victims have committed suicide; many have exploded in public and been sent to jail or been committed to mental institutions. Many are now homeless begging for change on the corner. This is all of course, the intended result.

Please help in any way you can. Pray, call your local media, call or write your congress person. Tell your neighbors. Share your experiences, either as a victim or a ‘perp’. People MUST be educated. Below are some of the resources to help do so. Just know that this is how NWO intends to control us. The NWO cannot do it without these groups and this dynamic. United we stand, divided we fall.
I will post some links; do what you will with this information. May God guide you.
With all the Love, Light and Prayer I can muster.
RB - Free online book. Very factual. A Must Read if you want comprehension.
(everything on this link I have experienced – , ) - class action lawsuit, forum, and conference calls

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I know this is a hate crime that is happening in all NATO nations.It is sponsered by domestic terrorist and our police departments support them by ignoring the thousands of reports on this crime. Mainstream media will not report one word about gang stalking ..I feel it is a way to create fear in the victims and then they feed on there fear as it reafirms there commitment to the NEW WORLD ORDER NAZIS.I truly hope that SOE people will realize that this is a very real crime that is being done to thousands of our brothers and sisters daily,Lets see what the people on SOE can come up with to stop this dark cabal terror...
maybe through your past experience from your previous life will give you the anwser to your problems that you learn to liberate in your past life. Got to go through hell to go to heaven.
If the dark minions of the illuminati, in the form of The Volunteer Firebrigade, are indeed chasing you down for whatever reason, give away your fear. They cannot hurt you, even with a high pressure water hose, because you are an eternal being. I hope things get better for you brother.
Remember :
'Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace
Where there is hatred, let me sow love...
Where there is darkness, light
I am a little surprised that this very important message from Redbeard did not get the attension from more SOE people as I felt it deserved .This is a very well organized activity that generates fear in the ones who have been targeted There are hundreds of reports daily being reported in the USA.This is a New World Order activity because of thousands of reports WORLD WIDE DAILY... Type in gang stalking on your browser or you tube for videos seach'.. Educate yourself...''
Thank you all for posting. To respond in kind...
I do agree Jim, I felt that this deserved more attention than it got, but, it is what it is. People cannot understand what this is like unless they were to experience it themselves. A translated poem by Martin Niemoller might wake some up:
"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then... they came for me... And by that time there was no one left to speak up."

I do feel like you get this though, and understand the implications. Congrats.

patrick,I laughed at the mental picture of the firehose. Thank you for the advice. To explain something If I may. I am not afraid of much. I never have been. Even less once I realized I was eternal. These people are not trying to scare me, they gave that up long ago. Intimidation did not frustrate me into action, i.e, baiting. They did try. Their methods are like Chinese water torture. I've been flicked in the face for over ten years, every moment of every day. It is designed to make you loose your mind. My torturers only use the volunteer and the real fire brigade for noise campaigns around my house. If they hosed me, I would ave proof of an offense, and a reason do defend myself. They are too smart for this. They only use what does not leave a mark (except on my cars, they did a number on those). Please read up, and educate yourself and your friends, and pray for those involved. I do appreciate your insight, and will work with what you have given. Thank you

annunaki. Thank you. I have certainly awakened to a lot of my past life. I wont go into much more detail, but it is fascinating. I am pretty sure I was assassinated due to something I had uncovered regarding governmental control of the citizens. A loophole in the system. Not sure how they relate to this life, but I am sure there is something. . I will say, the time in between my lives that I can recall, is much more intriguing. I do agree, I am on my way through my Hell. Pray for me that I make it. Pray for those that are involved that they awaken to their true eternal selves. And pray for the other victims, they need this as much if not more, than I.

I pray for those involved every night. I pray for the victims every night. I hope that you all do too. TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU LEARN. Your help is needed more than you can fathom.
This is a subject that if it were given a little time and effort from those who dont know about this would realize that there are people in there communities being attacked by covert nazi types that if you could put a little effort into educating themselves on this crimewave based on hate.. I am awake to this issue that so many dont even realize is happening. This subject(gangstalking) makes the swineflu epidemic a ultra mild problem.I can only try to open peoples eyes to this in my oppinion is and attempt to destroy anyone that dont fit into there new society that they are getting ready to push on to the world.I am not trying to install fear just for people to see what is honestly a real epidemic around the world at this moment The more people realize this attack can only work if the general public is kept from knowing about.Exposing this crime is the key to stopping it ...

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