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5/22/09 9:28:24 PM

Galactic Federation and Pleadian High Council

Greetings Jeremiah. We will allow the channel to stay conscious as long as we can. Come closer.

We are reaching out to you tonight to explain something that needed to be explained with more emphasis and Light, the last time we spoke on this matter.

We do indeed have your families interest at heart, and are keeping a particular eye on y9our mate, over the course of these next coming events. However, there seems to be a miscommunication on the part of others, who are not understanding that we did say this is a global issue.

Your family is not the only one being attacked in such a manner at this time, and these will spread as the Light grows on your planet. The being which we have been monitoring for some time have decided to come out of the woodwork, as you say. These beings are our own brethren and have betrayed many on your planet, as you have experienced personally, and as your mate discovered last night.

These attacks are not JUST physical attacks, but they are mental and emotional in nature as well. We have studied your races for so long, that we have learned to be able to adjust and monitor your emotions, mental states, and much more. Although we are not a race of interference, we have been monitoring in order to keep the races that wish your planet, known as Gaia, safe from those that would harm her and her children.

It is now known that there are those of our own races that are beginning to walk in Darkness.

They are showing themselves as beings that cannot be trusted, but have been trusted for a very long time, so those that are channeling them are less aware of those subtle changes, although many are becoming more aware of them at this time. This is not to say that channelers should not trust the channels and guidance they receive, but be aware of subtle signs of anything that does not resonate when they channel, and are encouraged to discontinue any channels that do not resonate, even if they have been channeling a certain being or beings for some time.

To elaborate, it is essential that the people are aware that there are earth-bound governments that are far more aware of us than they are willing to tell their people. They have begun to side with those that now work against us, in order to attempt complete control over the global populace. Please be warned that we wish you only Love and Light, and it is not the Galactic Federation that is at the heart of these matters, or the Pleiadeans, or the Sirians, or the Arcadeans, and the like.

It is members of those of us who walk on your planet in guise that are at the heart of this matter. It is known to us that many of you will discontinue trust of any of us that walk on your planet if this continues, and we wish only to put out this warning so that all are aware that there are many of us who still wish only peace and Unconditional Love.

We are aware, Jeremiah, of your speaking skills, and your ability to work with others to spread our words. We only ask that you spread them wider and farther, for many more to see, from our previous channelings with your mate, as well as this one.

It is vital that it be known that we truly do only wish Unconditional Love, no matter what whispers or things otherwise mentioned may lead you as a global community to believe.

We are already aware of channelings that claim otherwise that are being posted elsewhere. Please be advised we are working with you at all times, even if it seems we are not near. For we keep your channel mate close to our hearts as we do all of our communications personnel as we call them.

Rainbow light cannot be created out of darkness. What you have seen can be only created by beings of light. You have been visited once again. Congratulations.


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Oké Pleiadians included ...

Imposters ... that will always be the question ... who is telling the truth :) :) :)

Usually you just watch for the warner .... is an old wisdom !!
This is truth. Once must ALWAYS use discernment when channeling, and/or working with guidance. This is why it becomes necessary to develop some sort of relationship with the beings one works with, so that there is an identifiable way of discernment, so there is no question about whom one is speaking with or for.
quite interesting ! Thanx LadyDream for infos,

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