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Every month the night before the full moon is the best time for cleansing and healing as well as recharging. You place your divination tools in your window sill and allow the moon's energy to recharge your tools (crystals, cards, pendulums, runes etc) as the night before the full moon is when the energy is the strongest.

You can also place either the picture or name of a loved one who is ill in the window sill to receive healing. Don't worry if it is cloudy outside the energy still comes through. The night of the full moon is the best time of the month for a mediation as my guides tell me it is when you are to feel the most powerful meditation.


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this is good to know. Thanks Cathy
Remember the full moon is the 21st of this month so place things in your window sill the night of the 20th.

paTricia T. said:
Thank you CathyO. When I read your post I was wondering what day the coming full moon was I appreciate the update. And the inspiration....I get lazy a lot of the times....feels good to get back to the basics. Much Love to You!
You are quite welcome my dear

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