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The world we all live in is full of beauty if only we could stop for a moment to see it. We would probably realise just how much we stand to lose by continuing with our current system that is full of hatred, greed and conflict. We all owe it to our children and all the children yet to be born, to find a way through the darkness that engulfs us all, and create a civilisation that is based on tolerance and understanding so the world could at last be a place where we all live in peace and harmony.

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Yes I would be delighted to be your friend Simone.May I take this opportunity to personally wish you a Happy New Year.
Friendship is the glue that will mend a broken World
In the short time that I have been a member the warmth that I have received has helped me become a better person and strengthened my belief in the good that is in us all.Through friendship mankind will find peace after all we are all one family on this planet we call Earth.

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