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Right, that's it, I've had enough and I really need your help...

I know we all are going through a tough time and the last thing I EVER wanted to do was come on here, to our calm little oasis, where we can all feel safe in our thoughts and actions without the fear of ridicule and bring in an angry thread to shatter the peace....

I have had nothing but grief from my worried but loving family, they include, my mother and my partners parents and to a smaller degree my partner.

These are their worries........... would anybody here please care to enlighten them all.....because it seems that no matter what I say I'm still in a dangerous place right now and should walk away.....

I'm nearly 40 yrs old FFS (sorry Brad for swearing)

I've joined a Cult and I'm going to either kill myself or run away with this said cult....

I have posted pictures of my children on the INTERNET, pictures that were taken when I began to realise that all was not right with the world on our holiday in Ireland this summer....

The Solfeggion frequencies are NOt safe and I shouldn't be listening to them.....there's no scientific proof......

My children will be taken into care becuase I am getting into something dangerous and when they tell other kids they will tell their parents and they will come and take them off me becuase I believe in ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UFO's do not exsist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please........ please............................. help me.....someone before they all drive me mad...

Torz, not in a very LIGHT mood right now..................

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Oh Torz..I really feel for you

Very wise words there from Clinton :) there is nothing for me to add, except to say you are in my thoughts, and I will be sending love your way

Chin up honey

Much love
my freind i will not juge your cult for i am starting a group of my oun. please dont be dishearted by what people think for it revolves around fear in wich we must break free. about your group, remember every thing comes down the light and dark please my freind do not fall to the shadows, there plenty of negativity already. follow yourself and your heart if you feal what you are doing is right than let be right. i hope have helped you in some degree for iron sharpens iron. i am the member newage8001
Torz, I couldn't explain it any better then the others have here, but forgivness is key, Put the focus of forgivness and love on yourself and let go of the expectations you have. Be a witness to the love you are finding in who you are and just let it reflect. Part of the journey is allowing and accepting that everyone is on their own journey and learning from their own experience. Breath acceptance. Big Breath.

Much love and compassion
Hi Torz

I too have experienced negative response from people. I have been careful not to force my beliefs on others since everyone needs to choose their own path.

BUT I have been told that I am being sucked in by a cult and that I think a UFO will come to save the world. I have also been told that I am preaching…..

It is difficult to explain to people since they don’t really understand and are too busy with all the material things in their life to really care or wake up.

I am now careful what I tell people even if it is in a general discussion. People fear what they don’t understand and I find this very sad.

It is best to keep an open mind and do what feels right and not worry about what others say and think. With family or people close to you it can be especially hard since you want their support and love and you feel a sense of abandonment when they don’t see your point of view or mock you.

We all have or will have to face these types of situations in the future.

Just be patient and remember that this site I s full of people that share these same beliefs. Does this make us family in a sense? I guess it does since we are all connected.

Love and light

Wow this is sort of weird reading this considering it's the anniversary of the Peoples Temple cult (Jim Jones)
Hey i can say i Lost quite a bit of friends and a sister, and i have one friend left and he still ridicule's me and doesn't believe me. I would say hang in there the masses will start to awaken, i'm sure of that. 85% of the world will Ascend the rest will get there sometime. So Don't worry, As about UFo's, that will be officially annouced in another year, ONce our new president gets in the White House, i'm very sure of it, because by then they will have no choice but to have Disclosure. So be patient you are going to get alot of apologies, Just shine your light and love.

I still have my mother that believe's me a little and my friends here online, well i should could call all of you my family instead of just friends, So if there is anybody going through what your going through

As for the Solfeggio Frequencies they cannot hurt you, except give you a major headache at first.

Don't ever try to hurt your self, i'm going through a rough awakening myself, I still have my ego but i've been fighting it for quite some time now, by trying to be more aware of my thoughts and feeling. If anything watch David's Childerely's new video which i'll post it up on my video page.

With alot of love

Dear torz.

I am saddened to hear of your plight, and the distress it is causing you and your family. Being effectively on my own, with no contact with my own family, I often forget what it is like to have loved ones close by, especially if these loved ones misunderstand your passion for a given subject. Worse still when these loved ones, people you feel as passionate about as you do ascension, react with responses of fear and mistrust.

(*The following is offered by the energy which sometimes helps me to give advice on topics as these. I feel words failing me, and I have never consciously tried to 'summon' advice before, but I believe the situation is suitably grave to warrant the attempt*)

Dear Torz. It is indeed a sad day when those you love, those who you would wish nothing but love and light upon, mistake this light for shards of darkness. Fear is the reaction, and shadows fall across the light. But do not fault them for this. Indeed, so mired are many if not all of us in duality that it has become hard to distinguish lie from truth and light from dark. Grey, as Ullan would often think, is the most interesting shade of color ever found, but grey is most often associated with the darkened sky just before rainfall. It is no surprise that those who have not properly researched this matter believe that your passion stems from either misguided or malicious intent. Once so believed, it is nigh impossible to change the perception from grey to light, dark grey to lighter grey. And neither should you attempt to do so.

Dearest one, it is saddening and disheartening to hear that your loved ones, your light in your life, is at the moment clouded in darkness and shadow. With fear they react to that which they do not understand, as has been taught to them over so many years, oft over many generations of lifetimes. Thus far, it has served them well, and the ego is not willing to let go of easy lessons and survival strategies.

But know that even a single point of light in a dark room will chase away the darkness, though at first this darkness will appear as shadow, and mire the light. This, however, does not diminish the service of the light, as eventually darkness must be chased.

The ego works in many ways. While it is equally responsible for fear, it is also responsible for tenacity against odds which are neither healthy nor of a quantity that they can be easily conquered. And then, it is the duty of the light to allow shadow to creep in closer, for the next flicker of the flame will chase those away again.

Loved one, your passion and duty to the light is commendable, and your zeal a lighting example for many around you. Yet, the source of your light are /your/ loved ones, those that bring you joy even if they do not understand your passion yet. Rage not against the light, rage not against the fading of the illumination in one room, know that the light shall drive out the darkness.

To this end, from time to time, a light must choose to dim, to be rekindled with a vigor and luminosity that will send the shadow and darkness fleeing. Know that your loved ones see the darkness that surrounds you, and them, and mistake your light for burning fire. This has often, in what you would call your past, led to problems with misguided bringers of darkness who professed to be of light. Fault them not for being afraid of new light, they are simply afraid of you being burned. Soothe them, and remove your hand from the close proximity of the candle flame. The light will not fade, your light will grow stronger, the shadows will eventually fade into oblivion.

(*I'm back at the helm, giving this a quick read to see if I can cement this in some sort of concrete advice*)

On reflection, I don't think I could have said it better myself. Still don't know who wrote that, though.
Dear Torz

I just watched a great video on you tube by davidchilderly called ascension 2012 which talks about care and nuturing of your self and to do you best to remain detached from all the drama and negativity that can be 'floating about'. I thought you might find it helpful. I would post it here but I'm not really computer literate enough. sorry! Good luck to you!


Ian said:
Respect yourself, respect your truth! Remember that being an exception is always harder, however being a pioneer and discoverying new everythings is incredible, and that will give you the enormous joy of teaching others when time has come to it! Dear friend learn with yourself, learn with your feelings and show people how to walk on this kind of situation, I´m quite sure you will feel really happy on sharing your way out of this emotion with others that will soon need it


I just showed up tonight, but hey, how timely..... I have to say, I sympathize with you dear one.. I'm in the same boat.. or arc... or whatever any of my so-called family members, loved ones want to call this obsession I have taken on... I get so absolutely frustrated with the whole thing... I have never felt so alive and yet the people I hold dear to my heart, do not share in my love in finding the truth of "who I am" They recite to me: "what has happened to you?" I of course know what has bloody happened to me, I Woke UP!!! I wish I had some magical answer for you... but I unfortunately do not.. I keep listening to my S. Frequencies, I go on my merry way, however it gets really hard communicating with others who do not open up to other possibilities.. After arriving home tonight, having yet another moment of hitting the wall with my mate of three years, I too am at a loss of what to do or where to go... One thing I do know,the someone I sat across the table from today might as well of been a lifeless zombie... asleep and terrified... I on the other hand feel completely alive... Maybe this is another test or symptom of ascension...?? Luckily we have each other up here. aye.?? Keep your chin up... love without condition, even if you feel like throwing a frying pan clear across the room... love and lightning ...sih.
it sounds like there throwing everything they have at you i agree with clinton dont push this stuff,i care about my family and want to teach them but i get carried away for the same reason,i end up going too far not remembering THEY DONT WANT TO HEAR IT!!! so now instead i keep coming back to myself,instead of saying did you know this,and what do you think? i ask myself what i think and i spare my family and workmates as much as i can,since i got on this network i can ask questions of like minded people this is real for me,i look at the x factor zombies as not real, try looking at bill hicks on youtube he makes a solid case in an enjoyable way!!!!!
I've been through that too , two years ago.
I realized there is a time for everything.
And when you give something like love, that is not an object or something people can touch and see , they don't understand. They feel fear for what they don't see.
It is the reaction of most people to everything.
They need to have their own time to realize.Too much info at the same time...i believe.
I agree with clinton.
You are beautifull as they are too.Just keep loving them.
"Just allow them to go on with there lifes. They do not accept because of fear. Fear of not been accepted by others"
I recommend finding stillness and listening to your own truth. Use psychic protection techniques to deflect negative comments which are only serving to distract you from your truth and from the Divine will. In my experience people will attack when your belief systems expose the flaws in their own cosy and blinkered fear-based ones! Connect with the Earth and strengthen your solar plexus! The true cult is the millions of asleep people just waiting to become mindless slaves when the time is right - not us energy workers!

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